Speedtouch 510 not connecting to ISP

Keeps coming back: Disconnected by user when trying to connect to internet.

Double checked username and password with the ISP,

Any ideas?

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You can pick up your firmware from either of these places...
     LINK: http://speedtouch.net.nz/510seriesFirmware.htm
     LINK: http://m8s-rates.com/speedtouch/routers/

Please make sure version your 510 is... as there are instability issues with older versions and the 4.3.x firmware... for older modems please use the 4.2.x firmware.

For upgrade/downgrade procedures, follow the instructions on this page:
     LINK: http://speedtouch.net.nz/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=291

Did you recently upgrade your ADSL modem?
I've experienced conenction problems with my speedtouch, and they were caused by the use of cheap components,
The elektrolyt capacitors were almost blown, main cause of that was probably the heat in that closet during the warm summer.
It was strange that the modem did still function but many connections were dropped.

After replacing it I opened it, and saw the cause of our connection-problems
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antumAuthor Commented:
Had just recently installed a firmware upgrade and now trying to downgrade it again to see if that helps,
Yeah thats what I thought... so what part of the world are you in?? I ask because depending on where you are I'll point you towards the firmware and upgrade/downgrade procedure...
antumAuthor Commented:
New Zealand
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