instaling second network card for terminal services help

Posted on 2006-11-15
Last Modified: 2010-03-18

I have a huge problem again with terminal services. I posted a question similar to this and recieved great help from an expert. I was on my way and ready to use the terminal server. now i have the same problem again.

I have three servers but one is taken out of the equation as it is my SQl server and i am leaving it as it is.

So i have a front end server that conncts directly to my Router and the internet. This is my SBS 2003. It has two network cards. A 10.*.*.* for my WAN connection and a 192.*.*.* range for my internal network.

My storage server which is a 2003 server has a 192 Range and thats it. This server will be my terminal server and is already set up as a terminal server.

My problem is that when i remote in from outside my network i cannot  gain access to my terminal server.

So what i want to do now is install a second card on my storage server. Must i configure this to be on the 10 Range so that i have both cards on a 192 Range and a 10 Range?

Also would this solve my problem of being able to choose which Server i need to get to. ie choose a port that is set ie terminal server 3391 and 3389 as my SBS server. If not what else would i have to do?

Thank you in advance
Question by:DCHMIEL
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Expert Comment

by:Steve Knight
ID: 17945553
Hi again.  Yes add a 10.x range IP address and card to your terminal server, connect that to the same hub/switch as the current 10.x port on your SBS server.

I seem to remember you only had one external IP address so port forward port 3391 say to your new 10.x.x.x address on your router and configure your terminal server to listen on port 3391.

Alternately change the port on your SBS to 3391 and leave / set the Terminal server to 3389.

I think I also suggested a VPN before which would be a more secure option, even if it is only the free stuff.

Does that help clarify?


Author Comment

ID: 17945609
Hi again,

I was hoping to get you. Firstly thank you for all your help before. I can see now that the second card is definitly the way to go.

I am installing this later today so i hope it is a smooth Process. Yes i only have one external IP. I now know that i must install the card and set it on the 10 Range so both cards are configured using a 10 range and a 192 range.

When you say Port forward - Is this by using a port forward software or do i have to do something in routing and remote in admin services?

Also i want to install this hamachi. Would this work in the sence that i can lock down who terminal services in such as my office abroad and create a VPN domain. I do have a few people on the road here- can i lock them down to. Also i have researched this but is there a good link for me to look at on how to get this working correctly and how it all works with instructions.

As always thank you and hope to hear from you soon.
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Accepted Solution

Steve Knight earned 500 total points
ID: 17945672
Just in your router.  You had a port forward rule setup for the SBS server to point port 3389 from outside to port 3389  on your SBS box 10.x IP address.  Setup a new port forward rule from the outside port you want (different to 3389) to the internal port on your new 10.x.x.x NIC.

As to hamachi, it is fairly self explantory.  Install the software on both ends of the links and you tell it which users can come onto the private network.  Have only used it a bit myself but try installing it and have a go.  Maybe someone else here will  give some more pointers on hamachi.  It is a better idea than simply an open outside port as you can restrict access to only who you allow onto the VPN for one and secondly

Alternative is to look at a VPN using your router -- I don't recall the model off hand, it may support being a VPN end point.


Author Comment

ID: 17945738
Excellent Thanks a lot. Apologies for asking for a decription and installation guide on hamachi as i have gone onto the link and it explains it all there.

I will be setting up this card later and really excited to see what the outcome will be as i think this is going to work well. Again thank you. If i get stuck i will start a new post later but i think i have eneough info here to end this one.

Thank you
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Expert Comment

by:Steve Knight
ID: 17945795
No problem, just ask if you need more..... would have helped with hamachi, just havent; used it a lot myself yet.


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