Building a desktop - Newegg fan

I want this processor to start with:
I love these:
(I already have one, my plan is to go 0 RAID!)
Motherboard (complications in choosing; what I need)
I need two onboard SATA connectors for dual 74gb raptors and it has to be compatible with the processor.  I have been an ASUS user for 5 years...if I had to deter, I'd go Intel...but do you know of any ASUS that works for my setup so far?  (would my current board cover the above? P5GV-MX, fyi, mobo has to be same size or smaller than my current one, because I have a Zalmann on my current processor)
I saw this mobo
Will it work for all the above?
I need a power supply for the following:
processor, mobo, dvd burner, 5 hard drives(2 raptors), pci vid card, two 120mm fans...not sure what else would require power.
Recommendations for the above and everything in questions 1-3?
5)  I have a pci express card...but I wouldn't mind checking out some sweet recommendations for pc games that demand so much.
I, need Nvidia graphics....EVGA I've owned two cards with them, but I'm open to different recommendations regarding manufacturers.  Yes, has to be PCI express for the mobo above.
6)  Regarding the mobo in the link I provided in # 3, here is the memory listings.  I need 1 gigabyte of RAM.
What should I go with?  I want FAST!

Thank you for reading, I will thoroughly enjoy the ensuing conversation because you experts are all great.

ps...I only plan on ordering through
Wooky JackAsked:
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Perhaps you may want to step up to the E6600, since it has 4MB shared L2 cache and is very overclockable.

The P5GV-MX has a 915 chipset; it won't support Core2 processors.  The P5B you saw will support it and has provision for SATA RAID, so it should do the job.

For that many hard drives, get a high current power supply like the Seasonic 500W - I have it in a case with 5 hard drives and a Radeon X850XT and it has no problems.  It is also very efficient, so it will not waste much power.  Your main power consumers are the motherboard/cpu, video card, and hard drives.

For nVidia graphics, the 8800GTX is the top of the heap, but if you want to spend less, the XFX 7900GT is a good performer:

The motherboard takes DDR2 800, so get that.  Crucial, Corsair, OCZ, Patriot, Kingston Hyper-X and Mushkin are all brands I would trust for performance.
Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
I agree with Callandor that you should consider the E6600;  that's the best price/performance CPU for the Core 2 line and is appreciably better than an E6400.   I'm also a big fan of Seasonic power supplies (Callandor bought his because of my recommendation) ... the 500w is nice; but they make them up to 700w now (the 700w is what I plan on using for a system I'm going to build in January --   No such thing as "too much" power :-)

I'd stay with EVGA for your video card ... for an nVidia-based card they're excellent.   Since you already have a PCI-Express card I'd build your system first, and consider a video upgrade later => AFTER you've experienced the improvement you'll get from the Core 2 CPU.   Depending on what you're running, and which card you have now, you may find you don't need a better video card :-)

I'd also buy 2GB of RAM ... a pair of 1GB modules.   For technical reasons, it's best to only install 2 memory modules; and you do want to install 2 so the memory will operate in dual channel mode => so I'd just "go for it" and get a pair of 1GB modules now.

. . . "For technical reasons, it's best to only install 2 memory modules" . .

Tell me more . .
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superman2k5Connect With a Mentor Commented:
what did you have in mind for the use of this computer
-work (MS Office and work related programs)
-everyday computer

the system could vary alot with each one

gaming,graphics, development: i would choose a amd no questions asked.

   Processor- - AMD 5000+ (extra $100 but top of the line)
        MOBO- ($15 dollar discout wiht that processor)
     Memory- ($114.00)

   processor- - AMD opterton Dual Core ($280 2.2 ghz)
        MOBO- ($95.00)
     Memory- ($114.00, same as other amd)

work and everyday computer: stick with intel

     Processor- (the one you suggested)
          MOBO- (Sli ready MOBO)
       Memory- (1gb memory stick, $90.00)

Graphics- (newer card for todays games, $120)
      (cheaper but stiil good, $70.00)

hope this helps

and the mobos are all for ATX cases too, so if you have a micro atx case it will not work with these
Wooky JackAuthor Commented:
That's the one - I have one myself, and it's one of the fastest guns in the west.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
"... one of the fastest guns in the west. " ==> Yep.   ... it blows away everything AMD offers (the X2 500+ by about 25%, the FX-62 by about 20%) and all of the Pentium-class Intel CPU's  ... the only "faster guns" are the E6700 and X6800 Core 2's :-)
Wooky JackAuthor Commented:
Sadly, not an AMD fan to say first off, but your suggestions are not damnable hehe :o), because I run AMD on my laptop and very reliable and quick.

I like the suggested E6600, very tempting, I'm captured.
The P5B mobo by Asus I posted will need to work for the following:
superman2k5, I actually have this card, its awesome :)
I need 4 onboard SATA connectors.  Does the P5B have it?  I don't understand the description, but in the pictures of it I see them?

I probably can't afford your suggestion garycase, but very nice ;)
The seasonic looks great.  Callandor, do you own one?  (Is it quiet?  I have built my current machine to run cooly and quietly, would like to keep it that way.)
Crucial is what I like, I dunno if I can afford 2x1gig sticks, but very nice.
(Did you guys/gals notice that the link from Crucial I posted is in regards to P5B Deluxe, not just a P5B?  Does that matter?)
One more thing right now, garycase, you remember that Zalmann I bought and installed?  Will that be fine to mount on a dual core?
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Callandor has a Seasonic (he bought it on my recommendation), as do I (I have several ... every since I bought my first one, I use nothing else => they are VERY quiet, exceptionally efficient, and provide rock solid power).

2 x 1G sticks of memory does cost a bit.   If you plan on eventually using 2GB, I would buy one 1GB stick and just run single channel for a while ... and then add the 2nd stick later.   As I noted earlier, that's better than using 4 512MB modules.

... and yes, the CNPS-9500 cooler will work fine on a Core 2 Duo => that's exactly what I plan to use :-)

Newegg's specification page for the P5B shows 5 internal SATA connectors plus 1 external.   If you save the image you posted, then magnify it, you can see that there are 4 connectors to the right of the IDE/PATA connector => although Newegg only highlighted the two on the right (note that the red line, however, goes to all 4 of them).
Wooky JackAuthor Commented:
Ok.  here is my setup as I plan to have it now :)

Nvidia EVGA 7600 pci x
1 gig ram crucial
my 74 raptor hd +others
I might buy the seasonic, I'm not sure if I can afford it, but it will not be forgotten :)

Garycase, others, I imagine I will need to do fresh reinstall of XP after I do this switcharoo right?
The Seasonic is hardly audible, and I am working on making the other fans quiet.

Whenever you change the motherboard, a fresh install is recommended (and sometimes required).  I run my E6600 with the retail fan and it works fine.  If you overclock, and this cpu overclocks up to 50% without much effort, a Zalman cooler is highly desirable.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
As Callandor noted, you will definitely want to do a fresh install of XP.   In most cases a Repair Install will work okay; but it's definitely best to do it from scratch.
Wooky JackAuthor Commented:
I don't have a problem with a reinstall...only takes 10 minutes with raptor hds!
Wooky JackAuthor Commented:
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
It should work fine ... HOWEVER -> (1) The 7600GT you already have is a very nice card;  unless you're disappointed in its performance (and I'd wait until you see it perform with a Core 2 Duo doing the "heavy lifting") I wouldn't spend the $$ for the upgrade; and (2)  the card clearly has had some growing pains (read the reviews on Newegg) ... so be prepared to do a bit of "tweaking" to get it running smoothly.
Wooky JackAuthor Commented:
i thought about that as i did a research for other video cards at more affordable prices...the one I have is still recommended at best :)
Wooky JackAuthor Commented:
Whaddya all think of this in compatiblity with the P5B mobo.  And, what do you think of Rosewill on reliability?
Wooky JackAuthor Commented:
also, can I RAID 0 a 36.7gb raptor hd with a 74gb raptor hd?
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
I tend to use higher-end power supplies ... don't really know about Rosewill, but personally I'd use something better.

As for RAID-0 with different size drives ... it will work; but only 36.7GB of the 74GB drive will be used.   Depending on your controller, you MAY be able to use the rest of the 74GB drive as a single drive.
Wooky JackAuthor Commented:
why wouldn't it just combine the total together?
Wooky JackAuthor Commented:
that ps you mentioned gary is still out of stock!  I think i'll grab callandor's suggestion then.
Wooky JackAuthor Commented:
as I was browsing around I remembered this time I ordered a 36.7 gb raptor hd from newegg and when the box came, there was two!!  What are the odds that that happens?  (no i didn't pay for two, and they never called me on it)
Wooky JackAuthor Commented:
I just bought the motherboard and e6600 cpu right now.  I will hook those up and see how the system runs first, then if I need to make additions I would feel better about that later, rather than spending a crap load of money today :o)
Wooky JackAuthor Commented:
System is hooked up and its bitchin!
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