Hamachi help Please.


I recently was advised by an expert to at least use hamachi for a VPN service. I want to try and secure my network mainly for terminal services. I can understand this to a certain extent.

I have created a network on my end and created a network on another Pc. I have joined them and they are seeing each other ok.

I dont really understand this in the sence of a VPN. If i have hamachi running on one Pc and Hamachi running on another Pc - Does this mean that the only communication that can be established is between these two Pc's and if PC 3 tried to for instance terminal server in it wont let it through? Just not quite sure  how this works once i have set up the networks.

thank you
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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Steve & DCHMIEL . Though I have used it, more for experimental purposes and concerns about it being used where it shouldn't, I too have only used it between two machines. However, the fellow who introduced me to it assured me, at the time, it worked great for a star type configuration with one primary computer/server, such as a file server, and numerous remote clients working simultaneously.
He also suggested he "believed", it even works in a true hub and spoke arrangement where 2 clients can converse with one another, but had not tested it. A major security concern that should be verified before enabling that 3rd client in many situations.

On a totally unrelated subject, if working with the free version of Hamachi, running it a service is a definite asset. Following links may be of some help to you:
to run it as a service:
batch file to set up service more easily, see near end of thread.
Steve KnightConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultancyCommented:
Well as no-one else seems to have got here I'll give a go as far as I understand hamachi.

When you setup it on a PC you get allocated a private 5.x.x.x range address fro the VPN connection to that machine.  The other machines or machines somewhere out on the net. also get a 5.x.x.x address and you can choose who you allow in to the machine.  Once they get to your machine they appear directly there on your server having gone through the encrypted tunnel between the 5.x.x.x addresses.  You can several hundred machines on your private VPN I think and there are more facilities if you pay for it.

I've only tried it one machine to one machine but it does seem pretty smart.  Keep this open and someone else will be able to give you more details.

DCHMIELAuthor Commented:
Thx Steve and will leave open.
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DCHMIELAuthor Commented:

I will most likely test this over the weekend anyway.

Would you in your opnion think that i just install it on each server or would you need to include an install on every single PC i include.

Thank you
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
You'd need to install it on any device you want to connect to or from.  However I believe if you buy the payed for version you can configure it to connect a whole network -- i.e. if you install it on your one server then you can get to your other devices.

Surprised you haven't had any other feedback on this one... will see if I can find anyone else to advise more that knows about it.

Rob WilliamsCommented:
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