Router Redundancy

Posted on 2006-11-15
Last Modified: 2013-11-29

...does anyone know of a router(s) configuration that provides redundancy in the event a router "locks up"

1 - My fixed IP network comes into my router and then onto my main web server and all works great.
2 - Occasionally (once a week), the router locks and needs to be re-booted to clear it then all is fine again
3 - If I am away when the lock up occurs, my web server could be down for hours or days until a human presses the reboot button

What is the best way to handle this problem ?


Question by:ls21gce
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you mean something like a route command.....I don't think so.
But if were you i would take any chances and just replace a router with a good one or at least backup your config to something that will work.
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ID: 17947928
Step 1: investigate and fix the problem.  Routers should run for weeks, months, years without a reboot.

Step 2: tell us more than "my fixed IP network".  What are your connections, how many IP addresses are available on each subnet, etc.

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ID: 17949280
"my fixed IP network" - He probably means that there is a static IP assigned to his router.

I agree with the others that your real problem is the router locking up, not finding a redundancy configuration. Routers commonly "lock up" for a couple of reasons. One is overheating and the other is excess traffic for it's intended design which usually leads to overheating.

- Make sure that the router you have is designed for the amount of traffic and connections that your web server gets.
- Make sure that it is in a well ventilated area and that it stays as cool as possible. (stuck in the back of an unventilated closet is bad)

Other than that you need to provide more info about your equipment and network configuration. The more the better.

Author Comment

ID: 17951362

...following up on the comments so far, I can tell you

- Incoming 4Mb synchronous link with static IP address
- Router Netgear WGT624 v2 with latest firmware and port forwarding set up.
Underneath this router
- Web server
- Mail server
- Local area network with 5 PCs + 2 Wireless laptops

I have heard of similar problems occurring for others using Linksys routers locking at least once or twice a week....I understand this seems to be a problem that many people seem to live with.

I am surprised there is no hardware that can detect when a router has locked and make a reboot automatically to recover

Alternatively, can anyone suggest a more reliable router that will lock up only once a year ?



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Certain models of routers from different manufacturers has differing performance and reliability histories. Even among the same model different versions vary in reliability. The Linksys WRT54G, a popular wireless router, was very stable until they changed the OS in version 5. V5 models are known to be very unstable requiring frequent reboots. I still use a version 1 Linksys router and I've NEVER had to reboot it (due to lockups) in almost 3 years. I run a server which frequently has 100-400 connections and the Linksys is rock solid. By contrast I recently tried to "upgrade" to a Belkin wireless router and had to reboot that sucker almost every day. I'm back with the Linksys as my router and I'm using the Belkin in AP mode only. Apparently the Belkin has a limit of 256 connections. I don't have any insight for your Netgear router but I'm sure it's related to connection limits that the router can handle. (Note that a single user can create as many as 20 or more connections at once)

Most data centers use a remote power switch to hard reset stalled/crashed servers and other equipment using a phone or web browser. If it's in your budget you may want to consider it. Some even allow you to set up a watch dog server and have it monitor all of your services and reset the power when necessary.

If you don't want to spend $$$ then you could just get a cheap auto timer switch and have it reset during low-use hours like 3AM every day. It might be enough to keep your router from locking up.

Good luck.

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ID: 17959137
Does anyone have the experience to take a stab at suggesting a current quality router. If it is better to have just wired then fine, but must be quick and reliable.

 - Is Cisco the answer ?

Accepted Solution

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ID: 17959548
>- Is Cisco the answer ?
If you can afford it, Cisco is always the answer.  :)

Seriously, Linksys still sells the WRT54GL which is the version 4 router. It's very reliable and has many Linux options for modding. Around $70 and sufficient, I think, for the size of network that you have.

More info about the WRT54G

Further searches indicate that the Netgear router you have is plagued with problems. Best to dump it. Sorry.

I can't recommend the current crop of wireless routers as they are in transition to the new N standard. Interoperability is a major problem with the current releases. I'd wait a few more months before getting anything with the N spec.
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Assisted Solution

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ID: 17959876
Wired is always better.

Cisco is almost always better.

Detect that a router has locked up and reboot it?  There are so many "failure" modes for which it shouldn't reboot the router, and other modes where if it starts the reboot and then itself gets locked, it'd be bbbaaaaadddd.

Author Comment

ID: 17960408

I am tempted to go for the Netgear FVS338 for just over £100 and see if that is more reliable.
The equivalent Cisco is around £300.

VerifyMe - I like the remote re-boot over the phone hardware units !


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