I don't know how to resolve this PHP Script error

The message I'm getting is:
Parse error: parse error, unexpected ':' in /home/content/s/c/o/scoard/html/php_uploads/natmailscreenpop.php on line 10

The script I'm using is:
/* natmailscreenpop.php - This script should return a web page depending on the phone number dialed */
if (is_null($channel)) {
  printf("No channel data was given");
else {
  switch ($channel) {
    case ‘18669343739’:
       header(‘Location: http://www.coard.com/natmailscreenpop.htm’);
       header(‘Location: http://www.coard.com/nriascreenpop.htm’);

Any experts help would be greatly appreciated as this script was provided to me by a web based telephony solution provider.  Therefore, I'm NOT a PHP expert.

Thanks in advance!
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gamebitsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
header(‘Location: http://www.coard.com/natmailscreenpop.htm’);

header(‘Location: http://www.coard.com/nriascreenpop.htm’);

in both of these line you used backtick (`) you should use quotation mark (')

header('Location: http://www.coard.com/natmailscreenpop.htm');

header('Location: http://www.coard.com/nriascreenpop.htm');


Thanks for the points and the grade.

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