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Fernando SotoConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
Thank you all very much for your Congratulations. By the way I am far from being a Genius although I do try to learn something new each day I still have a very long long road to travel till I can wear that label. Let me leave you with this Regular Expression:

    Dim re As Regex.Match(input, "^(?<1>=== THANK YOU ALL ===)$")

Let me be the first to say "you're welcome" - haha!
Just kidding... I'm so very thankful for all the assistance you've provided me over the past several months.
Without your help, I could be out of a job, divorced, lost my house and gained 30 pounds.  So, you've helped me more than you know! :^)
Congratulations...Fernando the Genius
Heartiest Congratulations from my side Idle Mind and people like you have alaways been an inspiring source of us. to participate and answer questions
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Congratulations, Fernando
Congrats!  Keep up the good work :)
It's becoming quite a "regular expression" in this thread ;-)

Congratulations, Fernando

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