(login as) problem in putty

I downloaded putty from this site : http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html
and I followed the instruction as shown in this page : http://www.hostmysite.com/support/linux/general/sshwindows/

everything went well, I type my login name in (login as) and I clicked enter
the I get this message :
(using keyboard-interactive authentication

 the problem: I tried to type my password but nothing is displayed !

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the password may not be displayed for security reasons. when you enter a password into a cisco device, the password will not show. did you try and type the correct password and hit enter?
It won't display for security. it is not good interface, but it is actually there.

So just type in your password and hit enter. It will connect you

or you can download ssh -the free version- it has very nice interface and display **** in the pass field.
uk1900Author Commented:
yes I did but I get a message ( access denied)
when I try to type the password nothing happen, no  stars shown .. the green indocator doesnt move...

btw what this message mean: (using keyboard-interactive authentication) ?
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You can  use the non-commercial ver:
the windows is this:

hope this helps!
uk1900Author Commented:
quote : (or you can download ssh -the free version- it has very nice interface and display **** in the pass field.)

can u give me the link plz
>>when I try to type the password nothing happen, no  stars shown .. the green indocator doesnt move...

that is true, it won't move.
it will just set there, make sure to type in your password correctly and carefully, any hit will be counted.

>> using keyboard-interactive authentication
it just mean that you enter you password using the keyboard  -to authonticate yourself.

hope this helps!

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oh oh. It seems we are missing each other. check the post above and let me know if you need help with ssh. I am still here.
uk1900Author Commented:
thx  fm250

I get this message -bash-3.00$

form vbulletinhttp://www.vbulletin.com/docs/html/maintenance_ssh_backup
I get this line : (mysqldump --opt -Q -h servername -u dbusername -p databasename > /path/to/backupname.sql)

now I can use this command after ( -bash-3.00$) ?
uk1900Author Commented:
the command works fine now,  thankyou  for your help.
uk1900, you are welcome, Glad I could help
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