Disable Exit Button on the IE to prevent user exit the page when the page still doing database processing

Hi All,

I have a Web-base application - ASP.NET with a Microsoft Access 97 database.
I need to update multiple table when user click on the submit button.
Can i prevent user to close the Internet Explorer while my webform still doing the processing?
Sometime user might close the page before all the table has been updated.
This caused some incomplete update on the database.

Anyone have any solution on the above issue...please help.

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daniel_ballaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My point exactly. so what you do in your VB file is compiled and executed on the server! so it doesn't make any difference if the user closes the browser or not. then the user submits the request it is passed by IIS to the ASP.NET module and then it does the processing. Wheater the user keeps the browser open or not doesn't make any difference to the ASp.NET process on the server. it would only make a difference to the user if he sees the result or not.
Hi ian_khoo_sc,
You don't have to worry about that. The processing takes part on the server, in your ASP.NET application and it is not affected by the user closing down the browser. However you might want to take a different approach and leave the processing in the background (on a different thread or process) and notify the user that there is a slow process on the server and he should wait (or do something else).


        You can call the long running page on the IFram so  in main page you can show the status .


Krishna kumar.M

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or you can use a proper Ajax framework to display a sort of a progress bar (or update progress panel)
ian_khoo_scAuthor Commented:
As i mention i need to update multiple table and most of the code was in the .vb file. If the user close the page, the process will stop there and the rest of the table will not be updated as i noticed.

I did prompt the user with a alert msg once all the table has been updated. But sometime users just forgot about it and close the form before the process has end.

This cause some incomplete data in our MS Access database. Need to solve it urgently....anyway can provide techinical advice...please help~~~

Where is that .vb file running? is it clientside? do you import it in HTML?
ian_khoo_scAuthor Commented:
When we deploy the application to server, we just need to upload all the .aspx files, globa.asax, css files, and web.config...and also the bin folder. This is a ASP.Net web application.
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