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How do I allow MSN Messenger through a downstream proxy (ISA Server 2006)?

Posted on 2006-11-16
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Last Modified: 2008-01-09
We have two ISA 2006 servers, one is acting as a proxy server (S-Proxy) and the other is our firewall (S-WS)

S-Proxy connects upstream to S-WS (web chain rule) for its internet connection.

I am unable to get MSN Messenger to work when using S-Proxy as the proxy server. I have tried this with and without the firewall client. (Firewall client is enabled on S-Proxy and firewall chaining is configured to look at S-WS)

I have a rule on S-Proxy which allows web ports and msn port 1863 from internal to internal (i.e. from S-Proxy to S-WS) for "All Authenticated Users".

I have a rule on S-WS which allows web ports and msn port 1863 from S-Proxy and S-WS to the internet for "All users"

I have also tried setting up a rule on S-Proxy to allow all ports from internal to internal for "All users" to see if it is an authentication issue but that didnt work either.

Any ideas what I am missing or doing wrong?

Question by:thill1982
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Expert Comment

by:Keith Alabaster
ID: 17957663
What version of messenger are you using? have you set the MSN client to use the Proxy server settings also? If you do then you can minimise the disruption.

there is no benefit in an internal - internal rule. as you are using the box in a single-nic scenario it will not be assisting you.

If you open the ISA gui on both servcers and run the real time monitor (monitoring - logging - click start query), are you seeing the traffic pass? Are you saying that you have the ISA firewall client installed on the S-Proxy box?

Author Comment

ID: 17959208
We are using Windows Live Messenger and some people are using MSN Messenger 7.5. The proxy settings are automatically configured in messenger (picking it up from the browser probably.)

The internal-internal rule was mainly added to allow Websense to work properly.

I have tried logging into messenger from a workstation (IP .117.79) and I get the following error which I have looked up without much luck.

"We are unable to sign you into Windows Live Messenger at this time"
"Error Code: 80072eff"

I have run the monitor on both ISA servers simultaneously while trying to log into messenger. I have uploaded screenshots of the results from both servers:

https://filedb.experts-exchange.com/incoming/ee-stuff/1411-s-proxy.JPG (Proxy server > S-Proxy (IP .112.16))

https://filedb.experts-exchange.com/incoming/ee-stuff/1412-s-ws-firewall.JPG  (S-WS > Firewall (IP .112.22))

Hope this helps


Author Comment

ID: 17959226
I forgot to mention, I dont have the firewall client installed on either of these servers. What I meant was that the firewall client service is enabled on S-Proxy, allowing clients to connect to it using the firewall client.
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Expert Comment

by:Keith Alabaster
ID: 17968599
Hmmm Not sure why it is failing the authentication stage. Any other sites giving you hassle like this? I think it is the firewall service causing the problem. There were some issues some time ago with certain ssl type connections also.

1. Click Start, click Run, type firewall.cpl, and then click OK.  
2. In the Windows Firewall dialog box, click the Advanced tab.
3. In the Network Connection Settings box, click the connection that your computer uses, and then click Settings.
4. In the Advanced Settings dialog box, click Web Server (HTTP), and then click Secure Web Server (HTTPS).

Note For additional information about when you must allow users to access the Secure Web Server (HTTPS) on your computer, see the "More Information" section.
5. Click OK.
6. In the Windows Firewall dialog box, click OK.

Have a go at this....

Author Comment

ID: 17977841
I have tried the above but there is still no change. I don't know if this would make much difference anyway as Windows Firewall is disabled on client computers.

At the moment HTTPS is not configured on either of the ISA servers (I've not really dealt with SSL server certificates and how they are configured)

Would HTTPS make a difference?

Author Comment

ID: 17978948
I have decided to configure the firewall S-WS to use the firewall client instead. Not ideal but it seems to allow messenger to work properly. Clients now use S-Proxy for web access and use the firewall client connecting to S-WS for all other ports.

I am going to use this workaround for the time being unless there are any other suggestions which may help to resolve the problem.


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