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Cisco 1300 wireless access point roaming

I have three Cisco 1300 AP's sitting in a box.  

I work in a office with three floors.   I was hoping to set this up to allow seamless 'roaming' between the
three floors.  I have heard repeater mode cuts the througahput by 50%  

Do I setup a one as a bridge and other two as clients?  All three as bridges?  All three AP's and connect them to the LAN?
What is the best way to do this.  Is there a setting that allows 'roaming' with in the Aironet?
2 Solutions
For seemless roaming, configure all 3 as AP's and connect them to the LAN.  Use the same SSID and same subnet for all 3.  Setup each AP on a different channel to reduce interference.  The wireless client will roam automatically as long as you stick to the aforementioned principles (same SSID, subnet).
Agree w/ JFrederick29.   Also, regarding the channels, you'll want to have a decent amount of separation between channels: 1, 6, 11  usually works fairly well, unless someone else's nearby AP is also using one of these.  Chan 1 is very commonly used, so watch out for overlap on this channel.


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