Can't Install Software on Windows Server 2003

I have recently ran into a problem with one of my Windows Server 2003 servers.  This particular server is running Terminal Services.  When I attempt to install any software on this machine I get the following errors.

Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file.  You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.

Windows could not run the installation program.  You may be out of memory.  Close some files or programs, and try again.

I also am having some problems with Windows Update.  I get the following message
To Continue, you must first add this website to your trusted site in Internet Explorer.

These websites have previously been added but I tried to add them again but did not have the ability.

Any ideas?
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Netman66Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you attempting to add software for use in Terminal Sessions?

Drop into a CMD prompt and type:

change user /install

Now, install your apps.

When you're done run this command:

change user /execute

You should be okay now.
Hi rshooper76,

Are you sure nothing to your account "privilege" wise has happened?
Make sure you have the right privilege first.
Can you run from a domain controller a Group Policy Modeling Result for this machine for your user (Rsop) ?
It could be a GPO that is blocking you somewhere.


rshooper76Author Commented:
It does not appear to be a right issue.  All of my administrative accounts are having the problem.  Also, entering install mode from the command line does not change anything.  I do have a group policy on this machine, however my administrative user do not have it applied to them.  Anything else I can look at?
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What GPO settings have you set?
rshooper76Author Commented:
I pretty much followed the Microsoft Windows 2003 Terminal Server lockdown guide for my users. All Administrative users do not have a group policy appliced to them though.
I'm betting that GPO is applying to the server regardless of who is logged in.

Run and RSoP from GPMC targetting your server and one of the Admin accounts.  See if it is.

rshooper76Author Commented:
How could that have suddenly changed when it has been working propery in this configuration for over a year?  The server has been in production and working fine for over a year, and this problem just cropped up in the last week.
Well, if you don't eliminate it as a possible cause you'll never get to the bottom of things.

rshooper76Author Commented:
I decided to restore the system from a Ghost Image that I had from about a month ago.  Everything is back up an running just fine now.  It just seemed eaiser to spend 2 hours getting the drive re-images and run a few updates and get the system back up an running.  
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