Workstations Not Receiving "NET SEND" messages only when certain users are logged in.


Hope someone can help.

Windows 2003 Small Business Server SE with Windows XP Pro Client Workstations all workstations run SP2.

I've got a situation where certain machines will not receive "NET SEND" messages when certain users are logged in. If I isolate one workstation to explain this further it may help.

Workstation A is able to receive "NET SEND" messages when Administrator is logged in, it is also able to receive when USER A is logged in, USER B logs in and can't receive messages although USER A & B have the same privilages within Active Directory.

I've established the problem is not with the machine as its capable of receiving messages when Admin or USER A is logged in. however even when adding Admin privilages to USER B then loggin in, USER B still has no joy with the messages????

Any Ideas?

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Smacky311Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You did run nbtstat -n + had user B logged in right?  Also made sure Messenger service is enabled with User B logged in?
d_l_brookesAuthor Commented:
Additional Info:

If USER B logs onto another workstation they can receive messages?
Is "If USER B logs onto another workstation they can receive messages?" a question or a comment.
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d_l_brookesAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick response.

Its a comment. Sorry I wasn't to clear on that, it's a little late and a few brandy's have gone down the hatch!
It's a "feature" of XP service pack 2 and what ever its evil twin in Windows 2000 is.  Found it on Microsoft's site a few days back myself when my 2 machines wouldn't talk to each other.  They essentially turned Net Send off.  Go to services and turn Messenger back on.

Sorta makes you wonder what other "features" are lying in wait for us.
run nbtstat -n , look for a line wich has the word conflict on it.

It would look like this:

Username1    (03)     unique    conflict

The 03 stands for messenger service. This will result in being unable to receive messages.


The feature was disabled in Service pack 2 because hackers were exploiting the command.
d_l_brookesAuthor Commented:
Thats true SP" does disable the Messenger service. I had heard about that.

Results of the link you posted:
- I can confirm there are no confilcts having ran nbtstat -n on the server and WORKSTATION A.

Any more advice would be appreciated.

I take it then you have the service turned on and you're still not getting through?
d_l_brookesAuthor Commented:
Only when USER B is logged into WORKSTATION A...

When USER A logs in all is well...
d_l_brookesAuthor Commented:
Ran this as USER B and got the following information back:

U:\>nbtstat -n

Local Area Connection:
Node IpAddress: [] Scope Id: []

                NetBIOS Local Name Table

       Name               Type         Status
    HM-CLIENT-05   <00>  UNIQUE      Registered
    HEALTH-MATTERS <00>  GROUP       Registered
    HM-CLIENT-05   <03>  UNIQUE      Registered
    HM-CLIENT-05   <20>  UNIQUE      Registered
    HEALTH-MATTERS <1E>  GROUP       Registered


d_l_brookesAuthor Commented:
further information:

If i send a message to the workstation name it works for USER A & B.... however the program uses the username to send the messages to therefore i need the system to register the username... is this possible?
check that "Netbios over TCP/IP" is enabled on the network interface of each computer.
d_l_brookesAuthor Commented:
This was already enabled any further info would be appreciated... As I am about to re-install the OS...
try this:

- start cmd
- net name <username>

or another name (can be just about anything)
get people to message that and you should receive them.

d_l_brookesAuthor Commented:
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their help.

I have managed to resolve the problem, its NETBOIS and it 16 character username limit. only 15 characters can be used as the 16th character is reserved... It was unfortunate that in my example USER B had 16 character username and therfore was not getting registered.

I think the point for this solution should go to Smack311 as he/she had pointed me in the correct direction towards a solution.

Many Thanks again to you all...
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