Windows 98 drivers for a Dell C600 laptop!!!

I have a Dell c600 that I have loaded.  The problem is 98 is not detecting the internal modem or network adapters.  The system does not even recognize the
hardware in device manager.  I went to the Dell driver website and downloaded all the drivers for the system. Maybe there is a chipset driver I need? Does anybody
have any suggestions?

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Is this a Dell LATITUDE C600 Model?

I'm not terribly familiar with Dell models, but probably the best way to ensure you are on the right driver download page on the Dell Support site is to enter your "Service Tag" number in the field provided on this page:

If it is a Latitude C600, then the various pages of the online (HTML) user manual for the C600/C500 are here:

Here's your laptop's technical specifications: 

This tells me that you have the following components:
Processor: Intel Mobile Pentium III with Intel SpeedStep technology
Motherboard Chipset: Intel Mobile 440BX AGPset (100 MHz front side bus)
Graphics Chip: ATi Mobility M3 (2X AGP with 8MB RAM)
Audio Chip: ESS Maestro 3I

From previous experience, Windows 98 SE is able to identify and install its own chipset drivers for the Intel 440BX chipset.  I'm NOT absolutely certain about the Mobile version, or whether Win98 First Edition will install its own chipset drivers, but I'm fairly confident that it will.

About the Intel 440BX Chipset:

If you want to, you can download the chipset installer for the 440BX chipset from the Intel support site, but it would be very wise to first make certain that it DOES use the 440BX Chipset by downloading and running the Intel Chipset ID Utility:

Do I need the Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility?

When to install the chipset drivers:

>>> "The Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility files inform the operating system how to properly configure the chipset for specific functionality, such as AGP, USB, Core PCI and ISA PnP services. In order to be able to install any chipset-related drivers (e.g. graphics, IDE, etc.), your operating system must first be able to recognize your chipset". <<<

The "Intel Inf Installer" (Chipset drivers) for the 440BX chipset: (Win98):
Readme File:
Release Notes:
The installer package version 3.20.1008 dated June 2002:

The other drivers are all provided here:

Perhaps you should run the Dell Windows 32-bit Diagnostics, which is available from the download page.

Here's a few additional pages of good information you may find helpful:

BIOS Setup Options:

Standalone SIMULATION of the BIOS Setup Screens (ESC to Exit):
Just run the download and it opens a DOS Window which shows a reasonably good representation of the options you should see in the BIOS Setup Screens.

If you choose to update the BIOS or the firmware for any original drives (if still fitted), then they are available from the download page.


Dell Diagnostics Instructions:

Intel SpeedStep Configuration:

Intel SpeedStep Troubleshooting:

Hope this helps

b0lsc0ttIT ManagerCommented:

I don't have the driver but will look to see if I can find them.  However I would check the BIOS to see if there are settings to enable/disable those devices.  If they are onboard then they will most likely have a setting in BIOS.  If Windows doesn't even see an unidentified device then the problem is probably the device not working or being disabled.

Let me know if you have any questions or need more information.

Oh, and I should have said:
Look for an option in the BIOS Setup Screen to DISABLE "fast boot" (or similar expression) for the next boot if such a setting exists.  On some computers this can help it to detect and identify devices, although this would not have changed merely by reinstalling Windows.
compucharleyAuthor Commented:
Thanks BillDL,

I had to get an internal modem/network card for the C600 and all is well and working.  Thank you!!  I appreciate your detailed informative answer.

You are very welcome, Compucharley, and thank you.
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