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Posted on 2006-11-16
Last Modified: 2008-02-01
This code is in Oracle Pl/Sql. It uses pl/sql web toolkit.

I want to pop-up a message to the user:NIM-33335 Error, please contact the administrator.
This is done by the following code,

   sNIMS_ERROR:=''''||RecASCErrorMessage.error_code||' E: '||RecASCErrorMessage.error_message||'''';
   sURL := HTF.anchor(cURL=>'javascript:alert('||sNIMS_ERROR||')', cText=>htf.bold('ASC Order'));

ASCK_Utility.AssignErrorMessage is a package the retrieves the error message from a table when the
error code NIM-33335 is supplied to it.

I have commented all the code since i do not want any functionality here, all i want is a error message
in a alert.

This code is working in one of my procedures, however it does not work in this procedure. why??
Here is the code
CURSOR CursorOrdHdr(CurJobNumber order_headers.job_number%type) IS
l_html  VARCHAR2(1000);
v_count NUMBER(1) := 0;

RecASCErrorMessage  asck_utility.AscErrorMessages;
sNIMS_ERROR         VARCHAR2(32000);
sURL                VARCHAR2(500):= 'ASC Order';
/*     l_html := NIMF_Get_URL('plsql') ;
     FOR rec IN CursorOrdHdr(P_Job_No)
        v_count := 1;
      END LOOP;

     IF v_count = 0 THEN
        l_html:= RTRIM(l_html)||'nim2204w$o_hdrs.forminsert?P_JOB_NUMBER='||P_Job_No||'&Z_CHK=0';
     END IF;*/

   sNIMS_ERROR:=''''||RecASCErrorMessage.error_code||' E: '||RecASCErrorMessage.error_message||'''';
   sURL := HTF.anchor(cURL=>'javascript:alert('||sNIMS_ERROR||')', cText=>htf.bold('ASC Order'));

 END ReturnURL;
Question by:aman_greval
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Author Comment

ID: 17963538
1.   ASCK_Utility.AssignErrorMessage('NIM-33335',RecASCErrorMessage);
2.   sNIMS_ERROR:=''''||RecASCErrorMessage.error_code||' E: '||RecASCErrorMessage.error_message||'''';
3.   asck_utility.showalert(' Can u c me?? '|| sNIMS_ERROR);            
4.   sURL := HTF.anchor(cURL=>'javascript:alert('||sNIMS_ERROR||')', cText=>htf.bold('asc ORDER'));

On testing i found that the upper 2 lines are working ok.It is showning me the message. The problem is with the 4 line.
Is it because ASC Order link in the web page is not able to map with cText=>htf.bold('asc ORDER')?
So when i click the link this message is not shown.
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Expert Comment

ID: 17964022
Looking at lines, the only guess here is the qoutes used in your syntax:


Try re-writing in any of these ways if it is possible:
1. 'javascript:alert(\'||sNIMS_ERROR||\')'  --> Escape the quotes
2. "javascript:alert('||sNIMS_ERROR||')" --> Use different quotes (double quotes outside)
3. 'javascript:alert("||sNIMS_ERROR||")' --> Use different quotes (double quotes inside)

Author Comment

ID: 17964045
I used the same technique in a function returnURL,
it returns the URL to a procedure nik_planning and nik_planning does the following
It seems I need to do this. Some code to drive the URL returned

htp.tabledata(htf.em('<FONT SIZE = 4 >'||ASCK_Validations.ReturnURL(p_job_number))
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Expert Comment

ID: 17964080
But here you do not have two similar qoutes repeated.

Author Comment

ID: 17964100
can you give an example from the code given
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Accepted Solution

gops1 earned 500 total points
ID: 17964178
Aman I do understand Procedure or Function you have written coz I am not a database person. Let me make you understand when I write the same alert for a hyperlink.

<a href="#" onClick="javascript:alert('Hello');">Click Me</a>

if you look at the above example, onClick is an attribute and the attribute values are given inside the quotes. Now look at the qoutes used for the attribute values it is double qoutes -->"
For onClick attribute values I am using " and for the word Hello inside alert I am using single quote (')

If I have define something in qoutes inside them, in a normal scenario it is not possible. It can be done only either by escaping them or using single qoute:

For example:
<a href="#" onClick="javascript:alert(\"Hello\");">Click Me</a>

<a href="#" onClick='javascript:alert(\'Hello\');'>Click Me</a>


<a href="#" onClick="javascript:alert('Hello');">Click Me</a>


<a href="#" onClick='javascript:alert("Hello");'>Click Me</a>


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