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VB Project Type and Inet Control - Easy Questions

I am building a program to run on my PC in the background.  I am going to program it in VB 6.0, because that is what I have available.  The program will interact with a remote web domain every 5 minutes, download a file, and then transfer the file to my web server.  A previously answered question lays out the basic program design.  If you are interested, the previous question was:

I am not sure about some details.
1.  Which kind of project in VB should I start?  I am referring to this screen shot when asking this:

2.  How do I make certain I have the latest/correct version of Inet control (Microsoft Internet Transfer Control)?  I am running VB 6.0 on XP Pro and IE7, with all critical updates.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

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I would think you should use the standard exe project. A DLL / Ax Control don't really suit, there is the possibility to use ActiveX exe, if other programs intend to interact with your downloading one.

In terms of the latest / with updates I take it you are thinking of security flaws - on the basis that shipping out of date dll's etc would be bad. In that respect I would look at doing it the other way round and dont rely on a specific version of the dll, even if you were able to ship the most upto date version, by next month it would be out of date and contains more flaws found since.

I would late bind to an instance of Internet Explorer, and control it through the object model.

dim myIE as Object
set myIE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")

This places responsbility for patching IE on the user / automatic updates.

DanimalAuthor Commented:
In case you are interested, the web page that came out of this little project is a world clock...it updates every 30 seconds.  It doesn't look like anything at first, but if you keep looking at it over time, it is somewhat interesting.  The images are from NASA.  It doesn't do anything except slowly show the light/night passing... but when you think about it, that is 1000 mph!  LOL  The VB script I needed was for grabbing the picture from a server in Switzerland that produces the day/night effect, starting with graphics he got from NASA.  


Anyway, I think this is a cool little gadget, and I could not have figured out how to put it together had it not been for the folks here.  So, everyone have a good day!  peace.

Oh, if you have not seen it, the earth viewer is Switzerland is pretty sweet:

You can look at the earth from any angle at any point in time.  Very interesting.  From what I can tell looking through that site, it doesn't look like he is going to have a problem with me grabbing these images, but I am curious to know what others can tell me about that.  I don't want to get into trouble.

For my site, I just wanted a continuously updated shot from a certain position.  Peace again.
DanimalAuthor Commented:
and THANK YOU to everyone too!  :-)
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