multithreaded games

I've had a bit of a google and different sources contradict each other.
What games are multithreaded?
In particular which, if any, of the following are: Battlefield 2142, Doom 3, Quake 4, civ 4
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☠ MASQ ☠Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There are a number of games that are able to take advantage of hyperthreading/dual core processors to improve performance but currently none that are specifically designed to use the technology.  The reason behind this is simple business economics.  Until the market place contains suffcient gamers with dual core/HT processing none of the big manufacturers are prepared to release a game which may have limited sales & they are certainly not prepared to develop two versions of the same game side-by-side when they can compromise and have games that perform better on dual core/HT because they are aware of the processor threads but will run fine on conventional processors.

For those with a long memory look at MMX graphics technology arriving via Intel, the same kind of compromise was adopted then, games would play better on MMX capable processors but would still play on non-MMX.

As gamers with cutting edge boxes we have to watch miserably as most games run on just one of the processing threads or worse get confused as clock timings on the dual processors confuse games that are unaware of what's happening and gradually grind to a halt.

Valve have already issued patches for HL2 Ep2
COD2 also has a performance boost since Activision released their multithreading patch

Dealing with your specific query:
BF2142 - patch released making the game multithread aware.  Conflicting reports about how well it works.
Doom 3 - Uses the Quake 4 engine see below but no patch available yet  - runs on a single thread and performance can actually be worse!
Quake 4 - patched to be multithread aware
Civ 4 - 1.61 patch makes game multithread aware

M :o)
magnetic_kisserConnect With a Mentor Commented:

this half artical shows and describes a bit of multithreading ....with the fast pace dual core ...(and quad core abt to release)
today present games are not meeting the requirement of a dual core or simply multicore processers !! ....
(Amzaing to knew that ....since previously i have always listen abt the games which do not run on high end PC's ...hmm it is the first time there would be a challenge for game development people to make such games which could meet the requirmenets of dual core and quad core !!

bloodryne 2 i think is abt to release which has a support for multithreading !!!

wait a bit will find out more this si interesting !!
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i did not talk abt Ps3 in this regard supports 5-9 thread which means that the games on ps3 are multithreaded a bit ...Ps3 is launched and lets see what does the extreme threading and blue ray results in

Battlefield 2142
as far as this forum and as i said before no game in present support multi threading ...same as this one is not muti threaded but boost game if played on a dual core
Doom 3  (he looks a bit confused is saying abt the future of doom 3 games to meet xbox and ps3 may means that future games will be more complex to make with threading supporting them !! ......)

by looking at this thread from gamespy even says that ps3 will be not fully threaded Doom 3 stilll is not supported by multithreading we gamers have to wait for the thing to happpen !!
multi threading checked on these games farcry ,doom 3 doesnt gave a bit of a change no multithreading !!
Quake 4, civ 4

Quake 4 is i htink from the makers of doom ...(didnt check that ...cant remeber ;)  ) but these both games as said in the interview of gamespy doesnt seems to me as a support for multithreading either .....


well i concluded after a long discussion that multithreading in PC games are not yet avalable ....since it is really difficult to makes games supporting multithereading ...we all have to wait for such stronger games to be build so we could play games to gr8 extreme on our dual core or quad core processers ...

meanwhile hook up to Ps3 for a few multithreading experience !!

i think i have clarifyied u and myself enough !!
gr8 question and loved to answer this one !!
by multithread aware means that the game WILL 100 BE a multithread then ?? ..........this could not be so as articles are contradicting present gaems to be multithreaded ....there would be many issues of graphical problems ....and severe crashing of the game .... ??

busy guy ...wanted ur answer buddy !! :o)
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
>> by multithread aware means that the game WILL 100 BE a multithread then ??

No, because if the game is truly exploiting the multicore potential of hyperthreading it wont cope with single core processing.  What the current patches are doing are changing priorities on mutli-thread aware machines so that the processor handles the game more efficiently.  

As your question implies, with the games as they are currently written there are far too many opportunities for "data collision" - when the cores handle separate parts of the game and then their outputs conflict.  Because of this the best the programmers can patch at present is the "HT aware" option where parallel processing can take place but only of functions that can be calculated independently.  

It's a compromise to match the game to the newer technology, improving the game but not taking full advantage of the processor's potential.

With quad processors in the marketplace it is only a matter of time before true parallel processing becomes available but the publishers have to take a business decision about potentially abandoning single core players.

BTW apologies to peterdungan for partly hijacking your thread - is this helping with your original question??
BTW apologies to peterdungan for partly hijacking your thread - is this helping with your original question??

i think ......the detail given by me is preety comprehensive abt the games he asked ...that are they multi threaded or not ...also we both described it quit comprehensively and ur last post cleared every remaining question i and peter may be having ....i dont think we were off topic ...between we were discussing multi threading ...

good work !! i clear up with all of my quarries i was facing in understanding multithreading !!
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