DNS problem with internal/external name

This is the dilemma, I have an A record on the external DNS to point   specifichost.domain.com to go to an external IP address, this works great from the outside.  On the internal network I have specifichost.domain.local to go to an internal IP address, and this works fine. I need to figure out how to use specifichost.domain.com to point to the internal address for all computers on the internal network, all clients are using the Windows DNS server for name resolution. If I edit the hosts file on a PC to specify to specifichost.domain.com it also works. How can I set the Windows DNS server that is authoritative for domain.local to resolve specifichost.domain.com to It seems that it wants to append the domain.local to any records I try to create.
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Redwulf__53Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You would need to create a new lookup zone 'domain.com' on your internal DNS server and manually add A records to it for all the hosts that could possibly be approached from the LAN. This zone would be authorative (on the LAN), and the public DNS server's zone would be authorative (on the Internet). Since these zones are both authorative, there is no automatic synchronization (zone transfers) possible, so, if you have a lot of hosts in the .com zone, and many changes regularly, it would be a lot of extra work to maintain.

tlass10Author Commented:
So if I create the lookup zone for domain.com on the internal DNS server, I would have to add all A records not just the specifichost.domain.com, otherwise there could be a lot of "page cannot be displayed" messages for other hosts, is that correct?
If you have a lot of hosts configured in the public zone, and you want to keep this available from the LAN, yes, it is wise to include them in the local zone as well. That's what I meant with the extra work.
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