System won't boot unless pull power cord and let sit for a few minutes

Strange one here.
Plugged in system from customer.  Booted fine but system clock wrong.  Reset clock, rebooted and all was fine. Then powered down sysem, removed power plug and let rest.  Plugged power back in, and the same thing occurred.  Powered down, and replaced CMOS battery (clock was also wrong in BIOS prior).  Booted and reset clock in CMOS.  Booted fine.  Powered down, then tried to reboot.  Received error beeps, turned off system, tried rebooting.  Same beeps.  Turned off, pulled power cord, let rest for 10 minutes.  Powered on and it booted (with wrong time in BIOS).  This is driving me nuts.  Could it be the motherboard?
Customer was complaining that her video was not working (her monitor would not show booting).  I went to her home with another monitor and replaced monitor while PC was still running... and NOTHING.  And I know the monitor was good!  Brought it back to my lab (the PC), booted and it worked with the monitor.. but then noticed the system clock.
Any suggestions?
High points since this is driving me nuts!
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bgbeerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
oops, I read again and found you did replace the battery.

I'm leaning towards bad moterboard.

do as nobus suggested and check mobo for damage.

just had one in today that had blown mosfits and capacitors.

I don't think it's th powersupply because the cmos is losing time.
sounds like a dead cmos battery.

$2.00 at walmart gets a new battery.
>>       <<    yes, it can be; look also for bad capacitors :
you can also try another power supply, in case that one is dying.
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alternatively, you can try booting with the minimum :
mobo, cpu, 1 ramstick, video card, keyb + mouse.
do you get a display? and does it reboot if you hold the power button for 6 seconds?
mchyzikAuthor Commented:
I am already booting with the minimum...all components integrated on MB.  No display unless I pull out the power cord and let the computer sit for at least 10 minutes before booting again.  Then it boots normally THE FIRST TIME..  If I shut down, then try to boot (without taking out the power plug and resting the unit) I only get a  black screen at boot.  I think it is the motherboard as well but wanted to see what you 'experts' thought before giving the bad news to my client!
>>  all components integrated on MB  <<  you can try whern tey are disabled from the bios
this has nothing to do with any other peice of hardware except the motherboard.

the only other thing you might try is to find another dead motherboard that is exactly like this one and pull the bios chip and replace the one on your board. (this only has a 50/50 chance of working)  
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