Cache Clenear error occasionally popping up

I have: |Win XP |Office 2003 |AOL |asstd. other programs

The computer is one of three in the office - all showing same error. The pop-up is quite random as to when it pop-ups so I can't blame any one program.

The error reads like this: <TITLE> Cache Cleaner  |  Cache Cleaner has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

It then starts all the 'Send Error Report' / 'Don't Send' Microsoft jiberish.

What is interesting is the pop-up shows a barcord type image in the top right of the pop-up windows, just below the title bar in the same line with the sentence I mentioned above ("Cache Cleaner has encountered....etc.).

Please help.
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YogalingamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Kindly check in the control pannel --> add/remove programs if you have any cache cleaner software installed. if it is then try to reinstall the lates versions or try to upgrade. if do not require try to uninstall the software.
I would recommend you to clear all the tempory files, cookies, internet temp files, by accessing the disk cleanup in order run this please follow the steps provided below:

Click on Start>Programs>Accessories>System tools>Disk Cleanup> Selcet all the folders and clear.

Secondly, Goto Run>Type %Temp% >enter

Clear all the tempory files

Once you have completed please Goto Run>Type Msconfig>Start up tab > Clear all the unwanted programs that is running and once you have done that please check if you are getting same message.

Please post your comments if you have still issues.

Gopal Krishna K
It sounds to me like you have a spyware infection.  I would go to and download adaware se personal, run a scan on that computer and see if it finds anything.
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I am with lukeca. If there are any graphical differences in your "Has encountered a problem and needs to close" windows and the window in the link othere than the obvious Xp Style / Standard style windows differences then it is probably a clever Ruse.
You need to scan with something everyone has there flavor and mine is ewido found here:
it could be an addon of internet explorer.
Assuming tha you have windows xp sp2. from an internet explorer go to tools -> manage addons. uninstall or disable anything suspicious.
Kindly uninstall the free ware software cache cleaner installed on your system.
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