Two Exchange Email accounts, Sync Contacts? (or IMAP + Sync one Exchange contacts?)

My goal is to have my Contacts sync'd and available in both Work and Personal email accounts.

Ok, here's the challenge.  I've been searching for what seems like years with no results.

So again, I have TWO exchange email accounts, Work and Personal.  I've been keeping my Contacts in my work account.   Since my work allow an outlook connection via RPC over HTTP via outlook 2003, this means I can fully connect with no VPN.  I have full access to my Work Email + Contacts over my public ISP at home.  I also have a Pocket PC / Ipaq that syncs all my Work PIM/Contacts over GPRS/EDGE as well.   This is why I use my Work Exchange account as my primary Contacts storage place.

I have a personal exchange account on a hosted exchange email service.   As you know, you can’t have TWO exchange accounts working in one outlook profile.   I can setup two outlook profiles, but my contacts will only be sync’d in my Work exchange account.  My semi-work around is to have one outlook profile that is a combination of Work Exchange and Personal IMAP.  This IMAP account is the suplimental access method my Personal Exchange account offers.    This allows me to send/receive both email from both Work and Personal and still have contacts available as well.

I'd rather not mix work and personal emails as you can imagine in case a mistake is made, etc.  Does anyone know of an application utility that will allow me to Sync contacts between two Exchange systems? (Work / Personal)  It would be fine if I had to keep my Personal account connected via IMAP if needed. ( PST Archive  works, as long as contacts are always in Sync  and readily available)

I cannot find a decent solution.   I’ve searched google and read about a few sync programs, but they don’t seem like the right solution for my situation.

Anyone Anyone?
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When I used to do this many years ago I used a PDA. A Windows Mobile PDA can be synchronised to two different machines. Simply carry one around and sync it with whatever machine you are currently using.

smejkalAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response.   While yes, I do use a pocket pc phone, you can only sync a pocket pc to ONE exchange server email account at a time (multiple PC's with the one exchange account YES, syncing multiple exchange accounts via PDA NO)  

Since I sync my PDA to my "work" exchange account, that means all my contacts are in my "work" exchange profile. (for both PDA and Desktop outlook)   I'm trying to use my "personal" exchange account, and have access to all the same contacts that are in my PDA and "work" exchange profile (and automatically stay in sync)   As said in my original post, the only way I can think to have access to my contacts while in "personal" exchange mode, is to use the supplemental IMAP access, via a secondary IMAP mailbox while my "work" exchange outlook profile is loaded.   This means I have to have BOTH mailboxes open at the same time.  If I forget to change who the message is coming from, I might accidentally send an important "work" email from my "personal" email account.  (not good)  I'm hoping I can use the "personal" exchange profile alone with no work email active at all.  I just want all the contacts to be in sync. (and calendar if possible)

Someone said I shoudl try Easy2Sync for Outlook (has 2007 support even)   I'm not sure it will do what I want above though. (read the site a bit)    Anyone, Anyone?
smejkalAuthor Commented:
Ok, it's official.  I installed and tested "Easy2Sync for Outlook" and does exactly what I want.   While NOT inexpensive, it works great.   It's the ONLY utility I've seen that will sync TWO totally outlook profiles. (separate unrelated exchange accounts, no trusts etc, work vs personal )   It also has the option to work fully automatic in the background via stored passwords.  It also has both a basic and an advanced mode, so anyone can figure out how setup up sync via the gui wizard.  

I now have contacts and calendar in sync with my Work and Personal exchange accounts.  I can work via my Personal exchange account without having to link my work profile at the same time.  Problem fixed ! (close the question)    

This doesn’t have anything to do with the above, but I thought I'd add my final setup tweak.  Another good tip I just started doing is to have a Virtual Machine setup (VMware) for an isolated vanilla windows xp setup.  This allows me to have my work outlook open at the same time making things even easier. (and contacts stay in sync regardless of the VM machine)  
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