I can not seem to get the multimedia audio controller to install correctly!

I recently reformatted and re-installed windows xp on my dell xps. I went onto the dell website and searched out my device drivers using the service tag. The url for my drivers is: http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/devices.aspx?c=us&cs=19&l=en&s=dhs&SystemID=DIM_PNT_P4_XPS&os=WW1&osl=EN

When I go to device manager there is a yellow question mark next to "Other Devices: Multimedia Audio Controller". According to the dell website my audio driver is: R80459.EXE. I have reinstalled this driver four times now and my computer's audio still does not work.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank You!
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Well, once your unzip the files, try noting the location they are unzipped. then go to device manager and update the driver through that file, instead of using the Dell-installation software. if that doesn't work, we can fix this for you free of charge via livemeeting. let me know.

Also try other multimedia drivers for your system; although you are probably loading the correct one, chances are that's not the one installed on the system;

filibuster1015Author Commented:
The file that I download is an executable and it sets a setup file in c:/dell/drivers. When I try to update the driver through device manager I am only able to view .inf files - not executable or setup files.

Yes, the inf file is okay; just point it to the .inf file. The Inf file contains the set of instruction on how operating system should communicate with the device. Your driver files are always .inf or .sys.

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The DELL zip files will install in the directory you said but when they install, they should start the install them selfs. I am a DELL certified technician what is your service tag, I can check the files and hardware for you. I take it that you do not have the restore CD that came with your system?
 Some systems were between hardware upgrades so you could have a newer soundcard or it could be that it has gone bad. But that would be no problem, just add your own.
 Did you try the Identify Your Hardware tool?
 Try to uninstall the sound card from the device manager and rebooting to see if it finds it.
 Delete the R80459.EXE from the DELL folder and down load it again to see if the first down load was corrupt.
  Let me know if any of these things have helped?
Do you have any unknow devices or any devices with exclmination mark or question mark under system manager?

download driver detective from http://www.drivershq.com/ and it will download correct driver for you.

First of all I suggest you to check that you have installed windows xp with sp2 or not ,
If xp sp2 is installed once again try to download the driver and then install it from "device Manager" and select the audio exe. If does'nt solve the issue I suggest you to check the latest driver for audio and try to download it from some different image.

sandeep raj
just do the inf file before you check anything else. it's just a driver installation not  rocket science
filibuster1015Author Commented:

There is no .inf file. There is only the executable file downloaded off of dell.com and then the setup file that unfolds from the executable - no .inf. If there was an .inf file, I would try to install it.


The service tag is 5RT3431. No I do not have the system restore cd... somewhere along the way I have lost it. I did not do an identify my hardware tool. I would do it; but I do not know what that is. Instead, I did the hardware update wizard but it does not automatically find a device driver. An uninstal does not lead to successful find.

If you read my original post, you will know that I have a question mark next to "Other Devices: Multimedia Audio Controller". I've very skeptical of the driver detective tool. Are you sure there is no spyware?


How do I check that I have installed windows xp with sp2 or not???

I look forward to hearing back from any of you... Thank You so much for your assistance!
filibuster1015Author Commented:
No response???
Jeff PerkinsOwnerCommented:
    If you have downloaded the drivers from Dell and they are not working, my first guess is your sound card could be bad. This is fixed by replacing it.  You could pull the sound card out of your system and see if there is any other sort of identification stamped on it that may lead you to another driver.  
    In order to find out if you have xp with sp 2, just right click on my computer and then click no properties, this will open the system properties box and it will tell you in the top right corner of that screen what version of windows xp you have, like home or pro, and with any service packs, the service pack will be listed right under the version.  If it's not listed, then you need to download and install all updates from windows update site. You should probably do this anyway... or at least the critical updates.  
   Having reloaded, if you can't find a suitable driver, I would suggest trying another sound card, they are really not all that expensive.
  I've not used the driver detective tool that jigans suggested, so I can't vouch one way or the other for it.

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