Slow New Computer

Hello Experts...!

I have bought a new "P4 Gigabyte - 856" motherboard with 3 Gigs of new Pentium4 LGA processor plus new Geforce 5200 VGA of 128 mbs..

I have installed all these to my old P2 case after removing the old power supply with a new one.. !

After i have installed windows the first time,, the computer was freezing and restarting  every few mints... I then restarted to the BIOS and checked the TEMP of the CPU, it was over cloaked, then I removed the fan and fixed it again, then it started to work good..

After a while, the computer was slow when login to windows and sometimes it was doing some check on disk and it takes about 30 mins to finish the check...

Now the computer works slow, not like what it should really do,,, I have a computer at the office .. the specs as follow

Celeron 2800 mhz , 256 mbs ram ,, 80 gigz of HDD  100mbs of built in VGA intel chip..

This computer works faster than my computer  which i guess should be really a good computer with the above specs..

The reason why i have opened the question in this TA is becoz i believe 100% that the prob is related to hardware, coz i have formatted the computer 3 times, and the HDD is also working well ... there's no Any Bad sectors nor any other issues with it..

one thing i note and it was the heat of the Aluminum thing on the top of the VGA, the heat of this small piece was very high and i couldn't keep up my fingers on it...

So does it have anything to do with a second fan?? the computer has only the CPU's Fan ....

Any help is much appreciated..

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Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantAsked:
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
first, i would check in the bios if all devices : ram, cpu, disk etc  are recognised correct.
i would run some tests first, like ram and disk test.
i suggest downloading the ultimate boot cd, which contains all those tests and more :

alson you said you installed xp more than once, but did you also install all the drivers for the motherboard ?
Hi I would put some case fans in at least 1 80mm blowing in from the front and one in the back blowing out. 2 and 2 are the best but I do not know the room you have. Might be worth investing in a better case.
But you definitely need some case fans.
Also on the CPU make sure there is the right anount of thermal compound and not the pad that comes with the thermal sink.
Follow the instructions for a p4 with some good thermal compound. As for the VGA sink it is probally fine but does need airflow from case fans.
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Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
The problem that the case I'm using is an iron Fujitsu Case which doesn't have any special place for the case fans.... So if this is the issue then I must buy a new case and a new fan too.. :( which i'm not able to buy now.... lol

I'll try to use my  P2 processor's fan directly on the VGA to see if something going to change or not..!
What I did on my older cases is use a dremel tool to cut out holes for case fans. But if you go this route take everything out of the case beacuse the metal filings will fry your computer if you do not get all of them out. But definitely try a fan blowing on the open case.  
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
ok Dynamic... I will try tomorrow... but for now i have some more details from the BIOS regarding the CPU.

fan RPM --> 2311

CPU Hyper Thread is enabled....

I have SATA connections but i'm using IDE cables... Probably this is the cause?? how do i make sure without buying a new SATA HDD..?

And Could it be the mem ??? I have only 256 mbs of  RAM??? maybe I need to add another 256 mbs..?

As a test I suggest you strip the machine back to bare bones to see which component may be causing the speed problem.

If you've got an onboard VGA port or a spare old video card, use it instead of the hi end one.

The temperature of your CPU sounds correct but try disabling HyperThreading. Some applications can have trouble installing/running when HT is enabled.

SATA is faster but IDE is still pretty fast, nothing to cause incredible slow downs at least.
acruzadminConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your problema can´t be resolved if you chose another fan, really the machines need 2 or 3 fan.
Remeber that If you format 3 times and the problem continues, you don´t have a software problem.
If you want you can do HD checks, and monitoring your fans, but It´s better idea to start with the basic, look if your cpu it´s on a good position and with enought space to liberated the hot air.
Also you need to check the configuration of you motherboard The pins, because it´s important the MGZ and the bus communication.
Then after doing that you can start your own test.
Something important, the reason of the slowly can be that your are using WinXp, but if you are using Win2000 or older, you can discart this point.
Try using another hard drive, because if the machine makes at the start a hd check can be a sector problem or a read problema, so... try with another hard drive.

ksbalamuralikrishnaSenior ManagerCommented:
I suppose your mother board support onboard display card,
1.  Remove the Geforce 5200 VGA of 128 mbs display card from your system.
2.  Check the Bios whether the Onboard display is enabled and external display is disabled.
3.  connect your monitor to onboard display and boot your system.
4.  a. if your system boots properly, run it for sometime and analyse the speed of the system.
     b. if your does not boot properly, try checking the display setting or installing a fresh OS.
5.  as per the point 4, if your system is running perfectly, then try installing your Geforce 5200 VGA of 128 mbs card with appropriate drivers and check the speed.

by now you could have come to a conclution where the problem could be.
Try leaving the side of the case off and, if possible, leaving a fan nearby that can blow directly into the case.  If there are any heat issues causing problems this would (temporarily) remedy it.

Also, this computer is not near a window is it? (i.e. where the sunlight could beat down on it).  The heat issue you mentioned on the VGA card is not normal...
yessirnosirConnect With a Mentor Commented:
just a hunch, but if Windows was having some kind of problem with your hard drive, it may have disabled the hard disk's DMA transfer mode, which can drastically slow your system down without generating any specific errors.  You can check that in Device Manager.  It may be in a slightly different place in your machine, but in mine, I open the hard drive controller tab,  double click on "Primary IDE Channel", and click on the "Advanced Settings" tab, where it shows my transfer mode as "Multi-Word DMA Mode 2".  If you do that and see that your hard drive is in a PIO mode, that may be your problem.

SiSoft Sandra is one of many tools that you could download to benchmark your system and find out how fast/slow it really is.  I like Sandra because it has a lot of good comparison info to help you figure out if your system is performing like other systems with similar hardware.  Also, it generates some diagnostic info that can help you figure out what particular issue is holding your system performance back.
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Alright Guys,,, Finally I'm back....

I have solved the problem and the only ones who was close to the answer are Nobus and Yessirnosir... becoz they suspect the HDD  which turns out to be the  main problem of the slowdown issue...

Today I took the case and went to a workshop, I replaced the VGA,,, with another one and the computer was acting same... then increased the ram up to 512 ... also was the same with  a bit change in the performance...

Then a friend of mine suggested that it's HDD after I told him that I had alots of windows checks on disk when windows starts...

I formatted a new 80 gigz 7200 RPM SATA HDD and installed XP,,, hooked up the 60 Gigz IDE HDD as slave and now the PC works as it should be...

Thank you guys so much for your help..

I'm splitting points between nobus and yessirnosir..

thanks for the points... glad it worked out for you.  
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