Brother 8460n and windows server 2003

All of the drivers that I have downloaded for this Brother 8460n for NT like operating systems (including the generic pcl one that clearly states it is for use in windows server 2003) then installed on our windows 2003 print server result in the higly descriptive error : "can't install printer" and then the hardware wizard quits.

I know that this has to do with the driver, becuase I installed a driver for an HP on it (accidentaly) and it never threw an error (just printed pages of garbage), and it can be installed as a network printer on an XP box with the windows 2003 driver.

It's currently connected to the network through a HP Jetadmin printserver, but our legacy stuff has to print from the 2003 server.
Is there
a) a driver for the 8460n that works in 2003,
b) another driver I could be using
c) a cunning workaround?
And where can I download it?
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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A lot of Brother printers support PostScript, but for the 8460 only PCL is mentioned on their website. That's a pity as PS is a LOT more device independent than PCL.

If PS is supported, try any PS printer, starting with the (ancient) Apple LaserWriter II NTX. Be aware that, sending PS to a PCL printer will print MANY of pages of garbage-like text - but the top of first page will show that it is really PostScript...

Another thought. Drivers for workstations do not have to be on the server, as the server is really only there to pass the print file on to the printer. Hence, if you install a driver that sort of works, but is not supplied with Windows, installing it on a workstation will force the Add Printer wizard to ask for the driver. If you then load the CD with the real 8460n drivers (or have the driver files available somewhere else) the PC may be tricked into working correctly.
royce2020Author Commented:
All of the links you have there point to the generic PCL one that I mentioned in my first post, which I know dosen't work, nether do any of the others avalible on the brother web site.

Can this problem be cuased by somthing else? I feel ceirtin that there are other people in the world using the 8460n on windows 2003 since the 23rd of january, and none of them seem to have complained.
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Have a look at this link, especially the top problem:
royce2020Author Commented:
I'd already tryed that, and restarting an application server is not something that I realy want to do every day, especialy since the company runs 24/7. I've also tryed stopping the print spooler to install the driver which also produced the same error, although there where bonus annoyed people knoking on my door asking why they couldn't print.
The problem remains, although currently I have it printing almost readably using a driver for an HP of all things. It will print text only fine, but anything more complicated (like word documents or PDFs) all I get is gibberish.
royce2020Author Commented:
Yay for me, I actualy worked it out on my own, using a HP PS driver for the HP 4500 C, but pionts go to hdhondt for coming up with the same answer that works.
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