single click on mac.

How can i open a file (icon on desktop) in a single click? i heard that users can single click a icon to open in a mac but i do not know how to do it.
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strungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On second thought, in OS 9, you used to be able to set the View to Button View which would allow you to open items with a single click. Not sure if that still works with OS X, and unfortunately, I am at work and my Mac is at home. Give it a try.
You can open things in the dock with a single click. To open anything on the desktop requires a double click.
KelmonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As has already been noted, you can't open files on your desktop by simply single clicking them.  However, that doesn't mean that you can't achieve this result.  Sort of.  You can, for example, use SteerMouse ( - 15 day trial and $20 license) to customise your mouse settings such that a spare button (such as the wheel button) invokes a double-click that can be used anywhere.  It's a handy little application that, I think, is well worth the money since the Logitech drivers for OS X aren't much cop and this driver gives much more flexibility.
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Vanessa_PritchardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In OSX, and with a Mighty Mouse, you can program your mouse - quite easily - to open a specific application with a single click.

To do this:

Open System Preferences (from the Apple menu, choose System Preferences).
Click Keyboard & Mouse to open its preference pane.
Click the Mouse tab.
Choose which button you want to assign to open the application. From the appropriate pop-up menu, choose Other.
This will bring up a navigation window. Navigate to and select the application you want, then click Open.
The button in the Mouse tab will now show which application it will open. For example, if you wanted the button to open DVD player, the menu next to the button will say Open "DVD Player".

If you do not have a Mighty Mouse, or want more than just one or two specific applications to open with a single click, your best option (that I am aware of) is to put the desired applications into your dock, which will then open with a single click. Unfortunately, this does not work for folders or files, only applications.

I think the Button View that Strung was talking about only works in OS 9, but maybe someone can prove me wrong (I hope so!)
arasuworldAuthor Commented:
thanks for the info but i'll wait for a better answer.
If you know programming, you can write an AppleScript that will serve this function. Unfortunately, it's a program that needs to be constantly running, taking up valuable processor time. A double click would be more efficient in such a case.

If you would rather not use your mouse, you can also use your keyboard shortcuts to open a file, folder, or application on your desktop, by typing in the first letter of the file name, then typing option and the down arrow.

I think it might be easier for experts to answer this for you if you explain what you are trying to accomplish (speed? convenience?).
arasuworldAuthor Commented:
honestly,i'm trying to accomplish speed and want to use OSX expose to show of to my clients the advantage of using a mac.well using a mighty mouse would be a good idea.but i have a better mouse which is a 10 button turbo mouse which i use to launch applications.but the keyboard shortcut that venessa suggest is a very good idea.but can i know how much processor time does the apple script u suggest would take there a way to quickly activate the apple script and quickly turn off it when u don't need it? (may be a keyboard short cut to activate the AS,preferably F11 key or any other F keys).
You actually can program it within the script to be able to turn it on and off. Unfortunately, I don't know AppleScript myself, or else I would write one for you, but you can easily buy a book or maybe one of the other experts here can help.

I hope that helps! Good luck :)
No problem for me but I will just note that if you are going to set a mouse button to invoke an AppleScript script (an innovative idea that I hadn't thought of) then you're probably better off just setting the button to invoke a double-click via mouse driver software.  Using a button to launch and run a script sounds a bit cludgey and slow, to me at least.
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