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How to refresh another iframe when one iframe data is submitted!

Hi All!
I have a 'master.jsp' which contains iframes! How do I refresh a page 'project.jsp' at the moment I submit the data in another jsp 'experience.jsp'?
Any help is solicited!!

2 Solutions
I think this is what you are looking for (put this in the link on master.jsp, onsubmit or onclick, whatever):


'project' being the <iframe name="project" src="project.jsp" />

Good luck.

There are two basic techniques for updating multiple frames with a single link: The HTML-based technique links to a new frameset document that specifies the new combination of frames. The JavaScript-based solution uses the onClick attribute of the link to update the additional frame (or frames).

The HTML-based technique can link to a new frameset document with the TARGET="_top" attribute (replacing the entire frameset). However, there is an alternative if the frames to be updated are part of a nested frameset. In the initial frameset document, use a secondary frameset document to define the nested frameset. For example:

<frameset cols="*,3*">
    <frame src="contents.html" name="Contents">
    <frame src="frameset2.html" name="Display">
        <!-- Alternative non-framed version -->
</frameset>A link can now use the TARGET="Display" attribute to replace simultaneously all the frames defined by the frameset2.html document.

The JavaScript-based solution uses the onClick attribute of the link to perform the secondary update. For example:

<a href="URL1" target="Frame1" onClick="top.Frame2.location='URL2';">Update frames</a>

The link will update Frame1 with URL1 normally. If the reader's browser supports JavaScript (and has it enabled), then Frame2 will also be updated (with URL2).


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