Retreiving the contacts, tasks, journals from outlook.

hello experts!!

i am trying to programatically retreive the contacts, journals, tasks, etc. from the oulook's personal folder. i have heard that MAPI functions can be used to do that. but i have no idea about them. can anyone please tell me how to programatically retreive the tasks, contacts, journals etc. from the outlook's personal folder??? thanks in advance...
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sirbountyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From a task:
This may help with pulling them from emails - may require a bit of tweaking...
tariq6000Author Commented:
well, thank u very much sir. the links did help me. but i also want to get the attachments. how can i get them??? is there any way that i can get the attachments of the mails too???
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tariq6000Author Commented:
well, thanks again. but can i know if there are similar articles  in VC++???
Hmm  - no, I'm afraid I don't have any samples in vc++ (I know nothing about it)...sorry.
tariq6000Author Commented:
ok.. thank u very much sirbounty. the links did help me a lot. i am also looking for samples in c++ may be someother expert can help me :^). but u have helped me a  lot sir boutny. thanks again

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