Exchange 2000 Use Smart Host or DNS depending on the sender's domain?

I have 2 domains hosted on a single Exchange 2000 server.  Incoming mail works fine for both.   Recently, one of these domains signed up with an anti spam service that requires that all outbound email from this domain (call it be sent through the anti spam company's smart host.   This is easy to configure of course.  However, the second domain on this server ( also needs to send email outbound and so all of their outbound mail is being forwarded to the anti-spam smart host, which is dropping the mail since they are not signed up with the service.  Is it possible to have Exchange use a different SMTP Virtual Server for each domain so that I could configure to use the smart host and configure to use DNS resolution?   I tried looking at SMTP Connectors but those don't seem to help me since the "address space" that is configurable is for the receiving domain not the sending domain.  
Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Short answer is no.
Exchange only allows control of the email based on the recipient, not the sender.

emilysamAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comment.  I guess I'll have to see about getting the anti spam vendor to allow relay of the other domain or perhaps move that other domain to a different server.  I would suspect this is a configuration that is going to become more commonplace as ISP's and other providers begin to lock down their relays more and more.  I wouldn't be surprised to see this type of config supported in the next release of Exchange or perhaps with a service pack to Exchange 2003.  
I don't believe it is in Exchange 2007, so you will not see it in a service pack for Exchange 2003 either. It is not a commonly requested feature. I have answered almost 10,000 questions on this site and I can only think of a handful of occasions when this has been requested.

Exchange is basically deployed in two scenarios....

1. Enterprise - all email is handled by one company.
2. Hosted Exchange - where the hoster provides all services.

If you are hosting email for that company then surely you should be providing a service for the Exchange server, not allowing one domain to do their own thing.
If you offered some kind of scanning facility then you would be better off either doing it in-house or negotiating something that allows all email from your site to go through the service and you control what is and is not scanned.

Although do find it odd that people want to scan their outbound email. Do their staff have a habit of sending spam or viruses to people?

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emilysamAuthor Commented:
The requirement for the smart host for the anti spam service is not to scan outbound email.  It's to automaticallly add outbound recipients to whitelists.    Thanks for your help on this.  
In that case the service that your client has signed up for is not compatible with your service. Did they not ask you before signing up with this scanning service?

Same question from me (you can add one more too that handfull).

I've got this scenario (Hosted Exchange).

I have quite a handfull domains using normal Send Connectors DNS/MX lookup, with * for namespaces.

Now I have two clients/domain who would like their outbound mail to be forwarded to two different antispam scanner (smarthost) - the same who does their inbound. The clients have signed up on a 3 years agreements, so they can't just "quit" and really think they need this service.

I was sure this could be done with Exchange 2007 SP1, at least with the cost setting, so the domains which needed "special" handling had lower cost than the default Send Connector, but haven't made it work yet.

Could specifying all the "allowed" domains in the default Send Connector one by one bring the feature to work, if i explicit avoid using the default for the system. All users have a "localdomain" mailadress too.

Wouldn't this work ?
Send Connector, Cost 1,, SmartHost1
Send Connector, Cost 2,, SmartHost2
Send Connector, Cost 3, AlltheotherClientsDomain1, AlltheotherClientsDomain2, DNS/MX
Send Connector, Cost 4,, DNS/MX.

I've tried to restart the services inflicted but, haven't actually rebooted anything, I'd like to hear your comments first.
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