How to Connect to Cisco Pix 501? (Noob needs commands)

I was wondering how I can connect to our cisco pix 501?  I know how to connect with hyperterminal, but I don't know how to do a (config terminal).

I need to add the following line to our router because our VPN users cannot access the internet when they are connected to our VPN

vpngroup buckstaffuser split-tunnel nonat

Will that work?


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JFrederick29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you in "enable" mode when trying to type "config terminal"?

pixfirewall#config term
pixfirewall(config)#vpngroup buckstaffuser split-tunnel nonat
You should also be able to telnet to the PIX.   Once you get in you can use hte command "configure terminal" to modify the config.  The command "config term", "config t", etc can work also.  If you want to use hyperterminal you either need to set it to connect using TCP/IP(basically telnet) of use a com port and a console cable to the device.
buckstaffAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys,

After I do the pixfirewall(config)#vpngroup buckstaffuser split-tunnel nonat

do I need to just type EXIT or do I have to save it somehow?

I can telnet from any computer to our PIX501?  I was under the assumption I had to use the "console" port on the back of the PIX.  
Type "wr mem" to save the configuration.

You can use telnet as long as the PIX is setup to allow it from your source IP address "telnet inside" (for example).
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