what is the difference between http://domain.com/ and http://www.domain.com/

As when I entered differently on the browser address bar ,the incorrect type may lead no "unlocate remote server".
So I d like to know whether its different .
It seems the issue acts differntly on different types of browser .

PS: if you know theres a good source or article which explains clearly the knowledge , feel free to let me know so that I can do research myself !
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DrDave242Connect With a Mentor Commented:
http://www.domain.com/ refers to a specific host (www) on the domain designated by domain.com, whereas http://domain.com/ simply refers to that domain.  However, it is possible (and quite common) to create a DNS host record which will direct requests to a specific server when only the domain name is referenced.  In Windows DNS, the hostname appears as "(same as parent folder)" when this record is created.
Ugo MenaCommented:
your right. On certain browsers (Safari, Mozilla, Firefox) it will automatically try the http://www.domain.com specific address when it cannot resolve the http://domain.com. But it is determined entirely by the DNS entries for that specific domain.

To get a better idea, try out doing a lookup (nslookup, host, dig, or on the web at http://www.dnsstuff.com/) for a specific domain. You will typically see www entries made explicitly.

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