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carpenter >> mobile home >> fabricating a bay window for the kitchen

it has a flat two window wall now exist.
the local mobile home supply houses do not sell them.
I need just a basic 3 window bay window with some shelf space in back of the kitchen sink.
I have a general idea how to make one, but supporting it underneath or supended support from above is escaping me.
Price may not be an option since my neighbor is the seeker and I have been hired to make or get one. I've shown him the 5 others that are in the park and how each has a ledge over them as a part of the structure and the roof and I have tried to discourage this project but he will not listen. He can not do the work himself.
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Scott CSenior Systems EnginerCommented:
Don't know how to do this but a word of advice...

If you're not sure how to do this and you are not licenced and bonded I would not attempt to do the project.

I don't know how his mobile home is put together but if there isn't a good frame to attach the window to you're just asking for trouble.

Suppose you figure out a way to do this...and it falls off or somebody gets hurt.  You're the "expert" who did the construction; you're the one who will get sued.

Doing construction work for yourself is fine, doing it for someone else is...well something else.

You might try sub-leasing the project out to someone who's done this before.
I would concur with ScottCha. If you don't know how to do it, it's a lawsuit waiting to happen - maybe not from your neighbor but from whomever this falls on if it fails for -any- reason.

Seriously, walk away from the job.

nickg5Author Commented:
It will only be about 4.5 feet off the ground. This is not a skyscraper.
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Kids are < 4.5 feet, and are much more sympathetic to a jury.

But, if you are dead set on continuing, consider this from http://www.mobilehomerepair.com/Summer2002.html

"Do you have a bay window that's leaking. If its been leaking long enough, the wood around it is probably also rotten. In most manufactured homes the window actually isn't a true bay window, but rather 3-4 windows assembled to resemble a bay window.
Those who own a skylight know that someday it will leak. The same can be said for a bay window. So once the 'novelty' of having a bay window wears off and the repairs are major, it's time to consider something more practically, such as a big picture window. Any type of window can be used. If your reframing the window from scratch, you can save money by picking up a window in stock from your local home improvement store. Purchasing a window without the jams is best."  (Instructions continue on the website)

By the way, don't forget to pick up a copy of The Manual for Manufactured/Mobile Home Repair and Upgrade


Foremost Mobile Home Fix It Guide: Your Manufactured Home Repair Book

(You can find both at amazon.com)
Hi this can be a bit tricky as I live in Australia, we here at EE are from all over the world, now I have experience in the making of windows from years back and even joinery carpentary so I can only steer you in directions okay.

You will have to look into modifying the kitchen benchtop maybe add it to this? Or move out the old current kitchen cupboards and then rebuild the kitchen to include this bay windows.
You cannot alter the external structure so this has to be really  considered how you will fill the gaps, as the bay window is curved maybe some small solid glass inserts.

Firstly try looking in your area for a glaszier/ cabnet maker or a windows manufacturer.
Glass factory etc.
Take the measurements and have a window built to fit this current kitchen.
Even experts go to other experts for that extra bit of advice.
Here is some ideas for you once you have a hang on the subject take that to one of these factories.
Or even visit the local library these can have endless books on how to make your own>> carpentary and wood designs in just about any subject.
How to Measure for an Inside Mount Bay Window
example of a bay window kit
do it yourself

nickg5Author Commented:
I was not considering a curved window but I could.
It was to be a trapezoid, with the long side being flush with the end of the mobile home and each of the 3 windows mounted in the other 3 sides of the trapezoid.

I'll check out those links.
ok I see yes well yoru first comment>Title: carpenter >> mobile home >> fabricating a "bay" window for the kitchen/
a trapezoid is different from a BAY also easier as you can use the structure better than a curved.

trapezoid windows are used a lot in boats.
Try a boat builder.

The frame is what you have to consider.
Look at the old window how the glass sits in a frame.
I have no idea what this home is made of and what the fabrication is used.
Is this like Atco homes in Australia these are aluminium sheeting?

Pictures are good for inspiration dont you agree :)

You could consider making them in small panels for light weight using Plexiglas, Perspex  panels instead of glass.
Acrylic glass

Or mount it like a box outside
Click on image to enlarge

Some ideas for you
nickg5Author Commented:
Well, if it would work, we could imagine that the two existing windows which are parallel with the outside all, would be pulled out to the left for the left window and to the right for the right window to angles of about 45 degrees, and then join those inside ends and mount the 3rd window there, thus creating the trapezoid design. There are 5 other mobile homes in this park and all are trapezoid designed kitchen bay windows. Curved seems too complicated and harder to use the existing structure.
If you pull them out  45 degrees would that alter the structure? maybe not if you support them in a wooden frame could work.
How much of the outer structure would you have to change? Not too much really you would kind of have to add a box frame or some kind of support frame that would look nice too kinda like a windows box? The ones thathave flowers in them,if you make one like this beveath it could act as support and a flower box, what an imagination.
I do have a few years experience in building homes and joinery carpentary. Believe it or not

That is the main issue as well altering the actual structure will require a permit for insurance purposes then a fee to have the building inspected after alterations, wonder if your client knows this?
lol his mobile may come under owner builder.
I was thinking pulling them inwards to the left for the left window and to the right for the right window to angles of about 45 degrees, how much space would they lose?
Imagine >if you were to remove the window entirely lets say one on the left , is it possible to remove the glass?
build a wooden frame with a large sill then imbed the glass panel.
kinda like the first picture here see how large the wooden frame is,
i still prefer the plexi glass much lighter and easier to use.
Remember I cant picture the mobile caravan.

 go over to the others and peek a little how they have done it, shouldnt  hurt :D
nickg5Author Commented:
these windows are attatched to the current structure with about 28 screws, maybe 7 on each side. We could remove the top 7, the bottom 7 and the left 7 and just pull on the right window frame, which would bend the right side since those screws were not removed, Same for the left window. Keep pulling until there was space between the two to install the 3rd window. Then figure out some way to make the rest of the frame, get it supported from the bottom some how and a top on it that is waterproof. These people are wanting this only for putting some knick knacks in the kitchen window. A waste of time and $$$ but since I am the hired one, I'll try to do it.
aheh are you on the pay roll now by the hour :p

 would  there be any issues  frame?? ugly is it?
As it will all be in the same window frame doesn't sound too  attractive if you  add a center piece to create the trapezoid effect.
Back to drawing board.
Gee a photo would be great do you have digital camera?
Even one. Only if possible. No pressure
You can upload it here>>http://www.ee-stuff.com/
log on using the ame EEpassword then choose expert area
upload file. copy the url from this post and navigate to the picture make a small comment upload copy the direct link URL back here.
Prestio I  will be able to see.

nickg5Author Commented:
I'll post a photo soon.

The existing 2 wiindows are the old fashioned crank style and need to be replaced. So, the outer two windows could be installed right in the same screw holes that exist now, then, hopefully, pulled out like opening a book with only the left side of the left window and the right side of the right window having screws holding it to the mobile home. Pulled out very slowly and carefully with the intention of just pending the part of the aluminum window frame to an angle of 45 degrees or whatever. I'll approach the guy about two windows with something else in the middle. They are very high on "things" sitting everywhere and their windows are all full of something. Already Christmas items and they still have their Halloween stuff up.

doubling the points
nickg5  hi, how did you go? lol I had wondered how this experiment went.
Thanks anyway, Merry christmas to you and all.
Regards Merete
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