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Posted on 2006-11-20
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
Hi experts,
I am using Ibatis for Database management and VS:2005(ASP.Net 2.0) tool for an app.
when I run my project, there is error from sqlMap.config file:

- The error occurred while Validate SqlMap config.
- The error occurred in <sqlMap embedded="SqlMaps.ProductGroup.xml, DTWR.MarketingCampaign.Data"

Here are files from my project

1. project User Interface: 2 textboxes, 1 button--save items into product group
SqlMap.config file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

    <setting validateSqlMap="true"/>

  <providers embedded="DTWR.MarketingCampaign.Data.providers.config, DTWR.MarketingCampaign.Data"/>

  <!-- Database connection information -->
    <provider name="sqlServer2.0"/>
    <dataSource name="test" connectionString="Data Source=(local);Initial Catalog=test;User ID=sa;Password=01"/>

    <sqlMap embedded="SqlMaps.ProductGroup.xml, DTWR.MarketingCampaign.Data" />


2. project.Domain: productGroup.cs

namespace DTWR.MarketingCampaign.Domain
    public class ProductGroup
        public string groupID;
        public string productID;

        public string GroupID
            get { return groupID; }
            set { groupID = value; }

        public string ProductID
            get { return productID; }
            set { productID = value; }

3. Project Data: include one .xml file and one .cs file
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <typeAlias alias="ProductGroup" type="DTWR.MarketingCampaign.Domain.ProductGroup, DTWR.MarketingCampaign.Domain" />
  <parameterMap id="ProductSelection" class="ProductGroup">
    <parameter column="Selection_ID" property="groupID"/>
    <parameter column="Product_ID" property="productID"/>

  <statement id="insertProduct" parameterMap="ProductSelection">
    insert into Product_Selection (Selection_ID, Product_ID) values (#groupID#,#productID#);


using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using DTWR.MarketingCampaign.Domain;
using DTWR.MarketingCampaign.Data;
using IBatisNet.DataMapper;

namespace DTWR.MarketingCampaign.Data.ProductManagementService
    public class ProductSelection
        public static ProductGroup insertProduct(DTWR.MarketingCampaign.Domain.ProductGroup pg)
            return Mapper.Instance().Insert("insertProduct", pg) as ProductGroup;

4. Project Logic:using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using DTWR.MarketingCampaign.Domain;
using DTWR.MarketingCampaign.Data;
using DTWR.MarketingCampaign.Data.ProductManagementService;

namespace DTWR.MarketingCampaign.BusinessLogic
    public class SaveProduct
        public SaveProduct(string gID, string pID)
            DTWR.MarketingCampaign.Domain.ProductGroup newobj = new ProductGroup();
            newobj.groupID = gID;
            newobj.productID = pID;

Question by:dtwoway
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Expert Comment

ID: 17992477
Please try
    <sqlMap embedded="Maps.productGroup.xml, DTWR.MarketingCampaign.Data" />

instead of your
    <sqlMap embedded="SqlMaps.ProductGroup.xml, DTWR.MarketingCampaign.Data" />

in SqlMap.config file

Author Comment

ID: 17997160
Hi vihieu,

I tried your comment, it didn't work.

Author Comment

ID: 17997752
Ok,  I already fix the problem. The problem came from .XML file insert into statement. I use  
<generate table="Product_Selection" /> instead of  insert into Product_Selection (Selection_ID, Product_ID) values (#groupID#,#productID#). It works.  But I don't know when i should use insert into statement except "generate table" statement.

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