Send to mail reciepient from Microsoft Word 2003 is using Outlook rather then Lotus Notes


One of my clients uses Office 2003 and Lotus Notes 5.0.12 Client and Domino 5.0.5 as the server (yes we are upgrading)

Recently after a Microsoft Windows Update, the default mail program (set in IE settings) changed back to Microsoft Outlook on all our clients. So I modified back to point to Lotus Notes instead.

Now, if I open My Computer, browse to a Word document and right-click and then Send To, it will open up in Lotus Notes which is fine.

However the problem is, if I actually open up the Word document; and then in Word, click File - Send To - Mail Reciepient; it uses Outlook rather then opening up in our Lotus Notes Mail client; this is very frustrating.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem would be appreciated.

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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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I would check to see if their are any WOrd Options to set the mail client.

Also, you may need registry settings per application to set the mail client.

I would compare a working Notes and Word computer registry with one that uses outlook.

There are plenty of good registry compare program available, especially if you are willing to do some extra testing and convert a working to a non-working on the same machine and compare the registries.

I hope this helps !
Check on the Notes client the following:

File >>>>  Preferences >>> User Preferences

Under the Additional Options list check that "Enable MS Office 97 SentTo to Notes" is ticked
Also check as you have done the setting in Internet Options
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Nah,  you have to configure MAPI mail for Notes.. check here for instructions:

This should also resolve Acrobat PDF send mail, too. :)  Bothersome, isn't it?   I  liked it much better when all you had to do was configure IE for the default mail client.  Now, they force you to add Lotus Notes Mail to OUTLOOK.   Boo, Hiss...

Especially annoying when  you're sending mail from Acrobat, Visio, et. al.
Interesting I used the above find on my machine .....
Let's see,  the above doesn't work on XP media Center, Office 2003, R6.5 and R7.02  That is, merely adding the Enable MS Office to send to Notes trick.  

I wish it did work, believe me.  Want me to try again?  Because this has been bugging me for awhile now, especially with Adobe opening outlook to send mail, instead of using the MAPI mail client.  Really burns me, too, because I thought we got away from having to do the MAPI profile in windows 2000. << Windows 97 was the last time I had to create a MAPI profile.

However, let me qualify this.. I run both POP, and Notes from my Notes client, and the POP mail is my primary while the Notes is a test environment.   Maybe that's the difference between why it might work on yours and not mine.
depasqdaAuthor Commented:
Hi all,

Not sure which answer to accept but have this feedback for you.

I decided to upgrade the Domino Directory to Domino 7 from 5 in preparation for a future Domino backend upgrade.

After doing so; all the users who had the Sendto problem from word were fixed; not sure how/why.

Its worth noting that I'd already tried changing both the IE settings and the Enable Office 97 sent to Notes options without success on some machines.

I believe the uninstall/reinstall of Office/Notes does play a role in Domino 5 but I've found I've  done this before, then 2 weeks later a Windows Update came out, and messed with the working Sento function once more.

I knew I should have suggested an upgrade !!!

Hmm.. I think you're right with the order in installing Office and Notes.   On my R7 machine, Notes was installed after word, and the send to still doesn't work. :(

But the links do suggest installing office after Notes.  
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