Delete mails from pop3 server using perl script

My pop3 sever does not support dele *.* to delete all the messages. I have to delete one by one. Also i am accessing the pop3 server using telnet.
How to delete all mails from the pop3 server using perl script
i am using script  as below

sleep 1;
print  "USER $username \r\n";
sleep 1;
print  "PASS $password \r\n";
sleep 1;
for ($j = 1 ; $j<10;$j++)
        print "dele $j";
        sleep 1;      
sleep 1;

print "Quit";

and executing it as | telnet <ip of pop3 server> 110

the output of the above script does not seem to redirect to the telnet client. Is there any other way?
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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use Net::POP3;

my $username = 'username';
my $password = 'password';

my $server = Net::POP3->new('pop3host', Timeout => 60);

if ($server->login($username, $password) > 0) {
  my $msgs = $server->list;
  foreach my $msg (keys %$msgs) {

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