JTable using NetBeans , retrieve data from database

hi experts

can you tell me how i can retrieve data from database "MySql" and binding this data "Customers table" to jtable component , i am now new to swing and use the NetBeans IDE  , please help me in step by step in details how i can retrieve data from database to JTable component for view by using the NetBeans .

thank you
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hoomanvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Download the demo source codes, Example5 shows how to populate query data in a Table component
Use already existing data-aware components.
JBuilder provides a rich API to work with JDBC compatible databases and frees you from writing low-level GUI logics for such frequent tasks like binding a QueryDataSet to a JTable component
There are also open source libraries that do this, but I've not used them

moodyahmadAuthor Commented:
please can you help me in using the SwingSet compnent
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