How can I make microsoft update stop asking me to install IE7?

Microsoft upadte keeps insisting that I install Ie7. I don't don't want it! How can I make the update stop asking me? The other updates are OK...I just don't want that one yet.
Christopher ScheneSystem Engineer/Software EngineerAsked:
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mluther223Connect With a Mentor Commented:
when the update comes up again,  select custom install,  and then select IE7 update and remove then select  "do not ask me again" (or something similar to that, I don't remember the exact wording).  Ya got to love Microsoft jamming their crap down your throat (yes I think IE7 is crap)
have you tried the IE7Blocker.exe tool kit
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Brian PringleSystems Analyst II, SCM, ERPCommented:
Open Internet Explorer and select the "Tools | Windows Update" menu item.  At the site, select "Custom Install".  When it displays the list of applications, select IE7 from the list.  You might have to select "Software, Optional" from the left of the screen.  Click the [+] sign next to "Internet Explorer 7" and then select "Don't show this update again".

You should not see it in the list of applications again and it should no longer prompt to install it, even through automatic updates.
>How can I make the update stop asking me?

Install Linux.  ;-)

Actually, the Microsoft link above (jimmympc02) will do exactly what you said.
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