Looking for a good way to connect to a MS Access App Remotely.

I am looking for a good way to connect to a MS Access App Remotely.  I have an Access App that I am currently using that sits on my desktop.  I have it networked throughout my house on 3 pc's and it works fine.  However, I would like to ability to have a person in another state access the app.  I know that putting it on the web is not a possibility, and I am working on an ASP.NET app, but that will be a while.  Can anyone give me a good way to access the app remotely.  I want to set up a pc in my home that is essentially devoted to this remote user.  I have seen VPN and citrix used, and things like PC Assist and GoToMyPC.  The 3 things I would worry about with those things are one, performance, two cost, and three would a remote user be able to access it if I wasn't there?  I would need them to be able to do that.  Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

Thank you,
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JamesTX10Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi uconnfb13,
The super easy method is https://secure.logmein.com/welcome/get_logmein_free/signup.asp. Easy to use and it is FREE

Cheapest way I know of would be PC Anywhere from Symantec.
Your best solution would be terminal services, but cost would be a factor if you don't have a server at home

Cheap solutions would be to use a software VPN (XP should allow 1 connection in) and use realVNC

This solution would be essentially free as VPN is built into XP and realvnc is free. The performance would be relitivly good as your PC would do the database work so the information going down the line would only be the image of what was going on not the data itself (which would be much larger probably) as long as your PC was on the user would be able to use it without you being there.

If I was doing this I would buy two routers with VPN built in and link them together, draytek vigor 2800 for about £100 each would do it, this obv would increase the cost and tech knoledge required.

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Remote desktop in windows could also be used.
uconnfb13Author Commented:
I have looked into that as well, and I think that is a very good option.  However, if I wanted that remote user to have access whenever they wanted, then I would have to get them their own machine, right?  There isn't anyway that I can have 2 users using 1 machine at the same time is there?
If the data in the access doc is any thing private I would have them come in on a SSL VPN connection
If you give them access in to your network they will be able to access the database from the share they will not need a machine on your side you just need a VPN appliance
Jar0000 is right but I have found access databases are often slow used over a share rather than a VNC type solution where the data is not moved to the remote machine but processed locally.

The only way i kow of having two users on the one machince is terminal services but as I said before this is $$$
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