Web server nont loading page, DNS problems

Hello All,
I am creating a web server on one of my server, OS is W.S 2003, the server his 2 NIC I have set one IP Lan--with a with a subnet mask, the DNS -192.168.122.  the WAN IP is with subnet the DNS server-- fromthe ISP.

After, I setup the IIS
--website--new site   with the name test
IP address port 80 with host header --www.usa.com
---under directory security---Authentication and access control  ---set to inegrated windows authentication and enable anonymous access

--IP adderss access restrictions  ---granted access

--all done with IIS now to DNS server

--Forward Lookup Zones
  ----create a forward lookup----Primary zone
  ---To all DNS servers in the active directory domain msn.local (different domain name from the site)
  --zone name ---is usa.com (site name)

Dynamic update----- Allow both sure and nonsecure.

under forward lookup zones ---usa.com I created the New host (A) record
  -----host name  --server name( hosting the web site
  -------fully qualified domain name  --server.usa.com
-------IP address ( which I used in IIS)

create a Alias (CNAME) www  and server.usa.com

now when I open the page on the server it is find, but any inside computer or out side, it will give me http://sea.search.msn.com/dnserror.aspx?form=DNSAS&q=www.usa.com 

Please I need help I have a dateline by 2PM today
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Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:

If your domain name is usa.com then I have checked and found that your domain usa.com is working fine from our end and all the DNS records entry correct

Now your domain poining to the following server IP

www.usa.com pointing to


so your site is running from the and if you recently changes in the dns records then the new record not reflect quickly its take some time to fully propagation in all  ISP dns thats why you are getting problem hence I would suggest you that please wait maximum 72 hour to fully propagate new dns records in all ISP DNS and if you want to chekc new dns records then  please check with the dnsstuff.com for all dns entry for your domain.

Please check with the following url if your site is not working from end the following URL help you to open site before the propagation.

GOT TO : http://www.proxyfy.com/

ENTER domain name like www.usa.com OR server.usa.com if work then please wait and if not then some propblem in the DNS

> now when I open the page on the server it is find, but any inside computer or out side,

You clients (wether inside or outside) need to see the proper DNS name. If you host your own (primary) DNS server, that should not be a problem. If your primary DNS is hosted elsewhere it might take some hours 'til they refresh their database.
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