VB.net - XML node, check attribute exists

How do I check if an attribute exists in xml node

This, as expected, throws a null pointer.....but checking if the attribute exists in first place is surely better than catching exceptions?

Dim node As XmlNode = whatever
Dim x as String
x = node.Attributes.GetNamedItem("fieldDoesntExist").Value

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tpwellsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can loop through the attributes on the node if there are attributes present

If (yourNode.Attributes.Count>0) Then
       For atrib As Integer = 0 To yourNode.Attributes.Count
            If (yourNode.Attributes(atrib).Name = "FieldName") Then
                'found it
                x = yourNode.Attributes.GetNamedItem("fieldDoesntExist").Value
                'or  x = yourNode.Attributes(atrib).Value
                Exit For ' to exit this for if only needed to find this one attribute
            End If
End If

result = element.hasAttribute(attName)

rwallacejAuthor Commented:
this is what I'm looking for rather than a for loop, but its a node I've got, not an element......
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rwallacejAuthor Commented:
the node is from an XmlNodeList
manchConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use the Function :

    Public Function GetSectionValue(ByVal sectionName As String, ByVal key As String) As String

        Dim mobjXMLDoc As XmlDocument = Nothing

        mobjXMLDoc = New XmlDocument

        mobjXMLDoc.Load(write ur XML File Name Here)

        Dim psXPathCriteria As String = "//" & sectionName
        Dim pobjSectionNode As XmlNode = mobjXMLDoc.SelectSingleNode(psXPathCriteria)

        If pobjSectionNode Is Nothing = False Then
            psXPathCriteria = "//add[@key='" & key & "']"
            Dim pobjChildNode As XmlNode = pobjSectionNode.SelectSingleNode(psXPathCriteria)
            If pobjChildNode Is Nothing = False Then
                Return pobjChildNode.Attributes("value").Value
            End If
        End If
        Return Nothing
    End Function

(u have to provide the Section name and the Key Name to get the Key Value of that particular Section's Key)

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rwallacejAuthor Commented:
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