Exchange Server Hard Crash

I have a pretty difficult situation here.

1. My exchange server which is also a domain controller, had a hard Raid failure.  Since I seem to have drive readablity, I think I will be able to the pub and priv stores back.  I don't have a back up as I was in the middle of some other issues so it took a back seat over the past couple weeks.

Here is my question.  How do I go about getting my data back online provided I have the public and private stores. If I remember right, I need to have the same machine name and the same directory structure to do this.  However, do I completely remove the Failed Server from Active Directory and then reintroduce it into Active Directory and reinstall exchange?

I have a sub domain that has the exchange management installed on one server but is not configured as an exchange server.  Will that be of any benefit to me?

I guess just give me some direction as I am working on getting my data back.

btw - Raid 5 is evil.  This is the 3rd time it has burned me..never again.  Raid 1 all the way.
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toibrahimConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So here are my suggestions -

- Delete the computer name from the AD.
- remove all the DC connectivity KCC links from the AD using AC Sites and Services.
- You may require to use NTDSutil to completely get rid of DC phantom stuff.
Once that is successful -

- Install a new Server with the same name.
- Add it to the domain
- Install Exchange with a /Disasterrecovery switch.
- You should see get all Exchange config from the AD.
- Mount the database. Mailboxes should be able to connect. It will be all empty database.
- Make sure you install all the SP and Hotfixes as before.

Now dismount the databases and rename your current logfiles and databases. Copy the old database and log files to the current directory. And mount the store. If the database is not corrupt and all log files available it may just mount successfully. If not try the procedure below.

Use RSG to mount the older databases and log files. Mount the databases and exmerge the data from the RSG to empty mailboxes. Since you do not have an online backup of the old databases, but just a copy of log files and database files. You can do this trick. Take a NTbackup of your new database (the one with empty mailboxes). Then use the RSG procedure to recover it. Once you mount it successfully, dismount it and copy the oldf database and log files to the RSG folder. Note that your database names will be same. If not then your exchange installation has a problem.

For information on RSG follow this link -

Good luck with the recovery.
Was that the only DC in your organization?

Note - RAID 5 is not evil. If it is the 3rd time then check your hardware.

jeffreyscottsmithAuthor Commented:
No, I have 2 other DC in my parent and 3 DC in my child domain.

(I know it isn't evil, 3rd time, different box.  I get smarter each time however)
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

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Stacy SpearPresident/Principal ConsultantCommented:
Better verify that the old server didn't have any roles on it before installing the new server as toibrahim suggests. Otherwise.........
jeffreyscottsmithAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both.  The other server had some roles of course.  However, it I get rid of it using NTDSutil and reassign roles won't that take care of most of the issues?
I think so.

Stacy SpearPresident/Principal ConsultantCommented:
Once those roles are moved, then you can proceed.
jeffreyscottsmithAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.  I ended up sending my Raid out for recovery and getting PST files returned.
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