Outlook client wont receive mail

I have put in a new exchange server at a site, the first time i connect a client pc with outlook i receive the mail that has been waiting on the exchange server for that user. then when i try to send and receive no more mail is received even though the exchange server has more mail in its mailbox for that user. dns is all good, dns resolves itself. i get no errors in outlook, can anybody shed some light
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Might check mail via OWA.  I ran into issue where a corrupt message in mail stalled flow.  Try opening OWA, find first messge not on PC and delete it.  Try to send/receive.

Check Exchange to see if whether POP and SMTP is enabled under protocols.

Then in Active Directory user properties, see if Exchange Features Tab settings are configured properly.
Stacy SpearPresident/Principal ConsultantCommented:
Was there any errors? Click on folders in Outlook and see if there are any sync (or other) errors.
derekbartelsAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys i figured it out, Telstra had cancelled my mx and host records when i put my request in because they had a stuff up at Telstra, thanks guys
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