Antivirus for windows xp 64 bit

Any good antivirus for windows xp 64 bit edition.
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I use the top-rated AVG on 32-bit, and it works on 64-bit also.  "7.5: ...Improved installation for 64-bit Windows systems..."
Norton AntiVirus 2007 is the best that always has good reliability and protection on the systems.

You can also use macafee

GOpal Krishna K

what i would suggest is to go for norton 2007
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AVG and MacAfee are much better compared to Norton. They consume less memory.
I use AVAST (free) on my 64 bit box, McAfee (or AVG-free) on 32-bit boxes.

I would not load any Symamtec/Norton product of any kind on any computer I have to work on.

At work we have site licenses for McAfee, Trend, and Norton/Symantec. None of my peers (that I know of) use Symantec - way too many conflicts with the OS and our basic applications.

AVG is the way to go with 64 bit windows I have it working without any problems on a Itanium systems sgi 750
Microsoft Windows XP Professional and finding drivers was a pain
Dav GrayIT ManagerCommented:
AVG in my experience is by far the best anti-virus application to use.

the non commercial version is free for personal use which is always a bonus especially if you are not looking to line anyone elses pockets for a while.

Both Mc Affee and Norton although very intuitive with extras like firewall, anti-spyware etc... are very bloated and consume far more precious resources than the aforementioned.

One other reasonbly good solution would be Sophos. Sophos seems to be the anti-virus of choice in the coporate world.

Hope this helps.
there are tons of options as well as opinions. Depending on your implementation this could weight what product is best for you.

For the enterprise I would suggest McAfee or Symantec.

For the home I would suggest the two above, as well as NOD32, Panda, AVG. <- These depend on your budget as well. At times you can find mail in rebates and such which put the bigger vendors at close to 10$ a license sometimes free.
Also, some experts above reported issues with Symantec. It is deployed campus wide here ( 8k employees + given to students) no substantial problems on my end.

Also my last organization used McAfee, ~ 6k users. Great product...but they all have their issues!
Dont use Panda on windows 64 bit it will run like a donkey
Symamtec is one of the monster application. Ibought it once and don't want to use any more.
for my 64 bit Windows XP I use Avast over a year. It is free for persnal use and I like it.
Oh you guys just aren't configuring Norton/Symantec right then :)  I have a lot of painful memories with it though...I feel ya!  I really want to try NOD32...I hear it's good.

When I'm looking to buy AV software, I usually head out to  (Read the press releases for this site...pretty impressive).  Click on "Comparatives" from the left menu, then click on "On-demand comparative- August 2006".  I'd link directly to the report, but it's against the sites policy....

Here's just some overall totals of viruses that are caught by the above that are mentioned:

AVG:  91.69%
Symantec/Norton:  98.13%
McAfee:  92.40%
Avast (Alwil Software):  92.01%
Kaspersky:  99.06%

I've used Kaspersky in a corporate environment, but never the personal edition...My opinion is was find once I got it configured, but kind of a pain.  It's really a preference thing on which AV software you choose, but the stats don't lie.  More or less like a Ford/Chevy type of thing.

Download demo's of these to see how bad it slows down your computer, then make purchasing desicions from there.  What good is AV software if you can't work on your computer properly...

Still interested.
I would still like to add more comments to this.................:)

Gopal Krishna K
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