ISA 2006 vrs 2004

I am running ISA 2000 on our current system. I have played with ISA 2004 (with help fromthis site) but I have 2006 available. Any opinions on which to use or should I upgrade to 2004 and then to 2006?
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MrNeticConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Correct, if you are planning to upgrade, you should use the latest version ( save work in future ).

From my point of view ISA 2006 is a mature software from Microsoft and is much more functional than ISA 2000.

Best Regards,

Paulo Condeça

If you are talking about a high availabity production site, you should upgrade the hardware and upgrade to ISA2006, leaving the old hardware in standby for a month.

Best Regards,

Paulo Condeça.
dwarren0940Author Commented:
I have the "old system" running but I am switching our domain to a new system. All new servers, domain name, and all. I was going to use ISA 2004 but have not been able to get the permiter network to function correctly. Now we have aquired ISA 2006. So if I understand your post I should skip 2004 and go to 2006?
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