Schedule a Reindex Job

How do I schedule a job to run to run a script at a certain time of the day to reindex a table.

I have the script to reindex it but I want it to run every 24 hours.
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udayshankarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in sql server 2000 go to management -- jobs

right click new job. give it a name.
in steps tab add a new step and choose TSQL task and add your script there.

on the schedule tab schedule it.

hope this helps..
MSAITAuthor Commented:
SQL 2000
or a better way to do this if you want to re-index the entire DB so the maintenance plans unders management.. new plan.. and walk through the wizard and choose to re-index. it will automatically put a job for you that runs as per the schedule you have provided.
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MrNeticConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The best way is to create a job in MSSQLSERVER, as udayshankar wrote, but don't forget, that depending the
operation ( DBCC DBREINDEX or DBCC INDEXDEFGRAG + Update Statistics ), it causes locks, and while you are running this procedure, your application might malfuction while running the Job.

Best Regards,

Paulo Condeça
btuttConnect With a Mentor Commented:
DBCC INDEXDEFGRAG  will not cause  olong term locks because it is considered to be an online operation.

You are right, i just wanted to say that the dbcc dbreindex is a offline operation, and write that the indexdefrag is an online but.

Don't forget to use a low usage time to run the job.

Best Regards,

Paulo Condeça
MSAITAuthor Commented:
Great thanks guys I think Ill manage.
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