No (ntfs) security tab on properties of a file on Windows Server 2003 - Help Quick!

Hello Experts.

I have a file that is on one of our Windows 2003 Servers that when you go to its properties dialog box, the only tab that is displayed is the General tab.  There is no Security or any other tab.  Also, access (read, write, copy, delete, move, rename...etc.) is completely denied to this file from all accounts, even domain admin accounts.  

I read somewhere that you could set file permissions for this file via Group Policy and it would work because it used the system account, but I am unfamiliar with the process.  If you think this would work, can you please explain how to do it.

**This is not an XP machine that can be fixed by Disabling Simple File Sharing nor is it a Fat(32) partition.

Thanks for your help.
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TheCleanerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's possible.  You said it was a file, which I'm not familiar with, sounds more like *nix type file.

It also may have been deleted, but messed up and still showed the icon/pointer and it was removed upon reboot.
Are you physically on the box and not browsing via a share or remotely?  Do the other files in that directory have a permissions tab?

Have you tried moving the file?  Sure it's not a shortcut or similar?  What kind of file is it?

slsmithAuthor Commented:
Yes, physically on the box (but did try other ways as well).  Other files in the dir have the security tab.  Moving is unsuccessful as well.  it is a file named and is 330mb+ and is part of an application we use.  The same application is installed on another server and the security tab is visible on that file on that server.
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Try using Xcacls:

to reassign permissions to the file.

I would also suggest, if you can, to use xcacls, then move the file and move it back and see if the tab shows up again.
slsmithAuthor Commented:
Well, we had to restart the server for "other" reasons and it seems upon reboot that this file is gone.  Perhaps it is autocreated and deleted by a process that is contantly using it.  Is this possible?  Could it be the reason there are no access permissions available to an admin?

slsmithAuthor Commented:
The application was originally a unix app that was ported to the Windows world.

The problem that alerted me to the missing security tab was the app complaining about a permissions error upon accessing the file.

Thanks for your help.
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