BES and Exchange 2000 upgrading to exchange 2003

I just walked into a Blackberry environment, I am very new to the Blackberry as a whole I am sorry if this is a stupid question.

Currently we have BES and Exchange 2000.

We are going to migrate to exchange 2003. The new exchange servers will be a cluster, most likely an Active/Active cluster. Does anyone know if there are any problems with a clustered exchange and BES. Or do I just point the BES server to the new front end exchange server. I have been looking at my Manuel and I found something about a CDO.DLL this is the only thing I have been able to find that I will need to update. ( it list a different CDO version in my book) does it matter if the users are on the same server for exchange or can I put them across the 2 server?

Also if there are any white papers about this please let me know, I am unable to find anything on the blackberry site of real depth on this.

Again I am sorry if these are stupid question but I was just throwing in and told “go do it”.

Thank you all for your help.
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Gary CutriConnect With a Mentor Data & Communications SpecialistCommented:
I have a number of sites unning 3.6 with Exchange 2003.  The process I normally follow is

1. Backup BlackBerry Database and stop BlackBerry services
2. Update BES 3.6 with service pack 7.
3. Update the server to Exchange 2003 or migrate the accounts to the new Exchange 2003 server
4. Update the Exchange System manager on the BES to be the same version as the new mail server (e.g. EX2003 with SP2).
5. Insure that the BESadmin account has delegate control and the correct permissions as per the manaul on all the new servers.
6. Point the BESadmin MAPI client to the new server.
7. Restart the Blackberry services.

On the BlackBerry website there is a migration document for users moving from Ex 5.5 to 2003.

I would first make sure that you upgrade to BES 4.0 at a minimum if not 4.1

Have you downloaded the Admin and install guides form the blacerry site ?

They should contain all the info you need.

If not check out the Knowlege base there.

I hope this helps !
ChicagoMikeWAuthor Commented:

Is there a functionality problem with or just that it is out of date?

I have been unable to find anything in the knowledge base about changing exchange versions yet I will keep looking.

I did get the guides from online I am starting my reading.
SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The guides are pretty good and mentions what Exchange versions are supported.

I am not even user your version supports exchange 2003.

Reliability and management of BES are greatly improved with 4.x with 4.1 being the latest (at Servce packs 2 , I  think )

I would first upgrade the BES to 4.x and then do the exchange 2003 upgrade.

I have not had to do this personally, maybe Gary will have added advice.

I hope this helps !
The_KirschiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I personally had the same situation. We had a few Exchange 2000 servers on Windows 2000 and a BES on another W2K server, running version 3.6.x.

We upgraded to Exchange 2003 Active/Passive Cluster and BES 4.1.x.

What I did:

1. Installed the Exchange Cluster and moved users to it.
2. Checked the MAPI settings on the BES server to point to the new server.
3. Installed new version (2003 and sp2) of Exchange System Manager on the BES server.
4. Installed new BES version on the BES server (in-place upgrade). If any software is missing you will be told
   during setup. Also do a backup (as always!) of the BES server and DB before. You don't have to stop services manually.

If you need only update Exchange, then steps 1 and 2 should be sufficient. It should be no problem to have mailboxes on both exchange servers.

Good luck.
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