Can't Open Exchange Mailbox with Outlook

One of my users can no longer open her Exchange mailbox with Outlook. I have tried to open the mailbox from 3 different computers but every time I do it crashes outlook and sends me to the Error Reporting Screen, which leads me eventually to Office Updates. All of the Office Updates have been run and the problem still exist. I can open her mailbox via OWA but can't open with Outlook. I am running Exchange 2003 and the Outlook 2000 client. If anyone has any idea what is going on I would really appreciate the help.
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redseatechnologiesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If it works from OWA, then the mailbox is fine.

As someone as suggested (although not the MS way) to recreate the Outlook profile, then that should not be the problem.

The only thing left is the windows profile.

The best thing you can do now is to log this user onto another machine and see if it works

mario_andresMessaging ArchitedCommented:
try this outlook.exe /safe also try /resetfolders

Here are other switches you may try....
vtjp1Author Commented:
tried that didn't work thanks though
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mario_andresMessaging ArchitedCommented:
Please rename outlook forlders in
C:\Documents and Settings\mautore\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
and also rename
 C:\Documents and Settings\mautore\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
then try Outlook.exe /safe
and then try Outlook.exe /cleanviews

By you successfully uing OWA you have eleminated the server as suspect... t
vtjp1Author Commented:
That didn't work either. I would think the server wouldn't be the problem either but it happens no matter what computer I try it on. I just got the folder to open with 2003 so I am just going to go with that until I figure something else out.
mario_andresMessaging ArchitedCommented:
Sorry.. could not help
can yo as the adminstratotr open the mailboxes?
if so export their mail and try recreating their mailboxes or once you export the emalis
move their mailbox to anothre Exchange server....
you can use exmerge to export their mail to a pst file
delete their mailbox using the AD wizard
recreate a new mailbox and import the file back in
it looks like thir is a corrupt folder somewhere
he tried 3 different machines though

Roaming profiles?
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