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Fonts/Pics missing when transfering quark file between computers

Posted on 2006-11-22
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-03
I have a CD that I receive monthly from a designer.  There are several folders.  Some have pictures used in articles, others are labeled fonts, and some have layouts.  The layouts and the fonts don't have extensions.  I can open the layouts in Quark, but I get a notice that I have missing fonts.  I've tried using a PC and a MAC both with QuarkXpress Passport 7.0.  When I try and export to PDF, I get notices that I'm also missing pictures.

It looks like I have everything on the disc, but I'm having trouble linking it all together.  I've asked for a PDF to start with, but the designer is trying to extort a ridiculous sum for it.  I'm not paying for an export that takes a minute or two.
Question by:zrivera
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Expert Comment

ID: 17998610
Were the files originally created in the same version of Quark?

Author Comment

ID: 17998630
I believe so.  We've been opening them up and using copy and paste from Quark for as long as I can remember.

Expert Comment

ID: 17998905
I'm wondering if your designer is dragging and dropping the files onto the disc, rather than packaging the files for you.

See if you can get your designer to do this, and hopefully it will work:

In the "Utilities" menu go to "Usage"; in this box you can see a list of the fonts and graphics in your document. You can use this window to manually gather the items that you will need for output.

Quark goes further by allowing you to "collect for output." The Collect for Output dialog box provides controls that let you select or create a folder for the document, its imported picture files, its ICC color profiles, its fonts, and the report file. It also lets you specify which document components QuarkXPress will collect.

To Collect For Output (Quark XPress)

1. Choose File > Collect for Output
The Collect area lets you specify which items QuarkXPress will collect with the report.

2. The Document option copies the document to the specified target folder.

3. The Linked Pictures option copies imported picture files that must remain linked to the document for high-resolution output. These pictures will be placed in the "Pictures" subfolder within the target collection folder. When Quark XPress collects pictures with the document, the path to each collected picture is updated to reflect the new file locations in the "Pictures" folder within the target folder.

4. The Embedded Pictures option copies pictures that are embedded in the document upon import, such as PICT files (Mac OS) or BMP and WMF files (Windows). Including copies of embedded pictures in the collection will not affect output resolution of the pictures, but you may find it useful to keep copies of these pictures with the collected document items. These pictures will be placed in the "Pictures" subfolder within the target folder.

5. The Color Profiles option copies any International Color Consortium (ICC) profiles associated with the document or imported pictures. These profiles will be placed in the "Color Profiles" subfolder within the target folder. The Color Profiles check box is available only when the Quark CMS QuarkXTensions software is loaded.

6. Mac OS only: The Screen Fonts option copies any screen fonts required for displaying the document. These font files will be placed in the "Fonts" subfolder within the target folder. The Printer Fonts option copies any printer fonts required for printing the document. These font files will be placed in the "Fonts" subfolder within the target folder.

7. Windows only: The Fonts option copies any fonts required for printing the document. These font files will be placed in the "Fonts" subfolder within the target folder.

On Mac OS, TrueType fonts function as both screen fonts and printer fonts. If your document uses only TrueType fonts, QuarkXPress will collect them either when you check Screen Fonts or when you check Printer Fonts. If your document uses a combination of TrueType and Type 1 fonts, or only uses Type 1 fonts, check both Screen Fonts and Printer Fonts to be sure the Type 1 fonts are completely collected.

I hope that helps... I will keep thinking.
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Assisted Solution

walkerke earned 1400 total points
ID: 18032276
>>The layouts and the fonts don't have extensions.

A sure sign that the files are MacOS.

>>I can open the layouts in Quark, but I get a notice that I have missing fonts.

Means that the fonts are not installed on that computer, not necessarily that they weren't included on the CD. Did you install the fonts provided by the client on your MacOS computer? (Few MacOS fonts can be used on a Windows OS computer.)

>>When I try and export to PDF, I get notices that I'm also missing pictures.

Means that the pictures' links have been broken, not necessarity that they weren't included on the CD. Have you attempted to update the links?

One thing that could be causing problems with the links is the CD format. If the CD is formatted ISO 9660, any long file names will be truncated when burned to the CD. The document will still be linked to the long file names and will be unable to locate them. It will be necessary for you to determine the truncated file name and relink.

If the CD was generated by a Windows computer, the font files will likely be permanently damaged. If the font files are 0K (zero kilobytes) in size, that's likely what happened to them. They can also be damaged by copying the files from the CD to the server using a Windows computer. Windows is simply unable to manipulate most Mac font files. A notable exception to this rule are open type fonts with the extension .otf or .ttf.

Tell the client to be sure to use a Mac formatted CD and to use a Mac OS computer when copying the files to the CD.

Author Comment

ID: 18032408

Thank you very much for your input.  I have all the files on a DVD and when I read them in windows, the fonts are indeed all 0k in size.  I will try to read the DVD on a Mac later and see if I still get that error.

I opened the quark files in a Mac as well, but I did so after transferring all the contents to my windows server, then to a flash drive.  Do you think reading the DVD directly on a Mac would solve this?

I tried to install the fonts on a Mac, but like I said, they're all 0k and nothing happened.  Maybe I didn't install right?

I'm pretty sure the DVD was made on a Mac, but I'll have to confirm with client.

Accepted Solution

Vanessa_Pritchard earned 600 total points
ID: 18032490
If the DVD was made on a Mac, perhaps the files weren't properly copied. You have to actually copy the files (drag + drop while holding down the option key) to the DVD before you burn the disk, not just drag and drop, otherwise it will only create an alias or shortcut link.
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Expert Comment

ID: 18032557
The font files will certainly be 0K when looking at the directory from a Windows computer -- even if they are stored properly on the DVD. View the files on a Mac. If they are still 0K, the fonts were manipulated by a Windows computer before or while they were burned to DVD. If this is the case, the font files are useless.

Be sure to copy the files to your Windows server using a MacOS workstation. ...or better yet, copy the files to the local MacOS hard disk instead. There are issues with the way the MacOS workstation connects to Windows servers. If you must copy the files to the Windows server, be sure to connect to that server using SMB on the Mac. If you are using AFP to connect to a Windows 2000 Server, the Mac will truncate long names during the copy because File Services for Mac in Windows 2000 Server does not support long files names.

Windows 2003 Server doesn't support AFP and MacOSX Tiger doesn't support Windows NT Server AFP. So with these servers you are probably already using SMB.

Another issue with fonts could be their age. MacOSX Tiger (required by Quark 7) is extremely picky about older Type 1 fonts. The system will often report that the fonts are damaged but gives you the option to install them anyway. Often the fonts are unusable if you install them anyway. If you have Suitcase Fusion, you can add the fonts to a set which copies them to the Font Vault and repairs them in the process. Getting them out of the vault is another issue.

Author Comment

ID: 18050175
Well I feel silly.  I finally got my hands on a MAC and the DVD was fine.  I had some trouble installing fonts, but I think that is due to OS 9 vs OS X fonts.  I'll have to do more research or post another question.

Good work.  Thank you!

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