Unable to load dynamic library php_oci8.dll

helloo ALL,
               i am using php5.1.4, IIS and Oracle 9i full client installed on my local machine
i have uncomment php_oci8.dll and set the ext folder path in php.ini but i am still getting warning in my php pages

PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'c:\php\ext\php_oci8.dll' - The specified procedure could not be found. in Unknown on line 0

c:\php\ext\php_oci8.dll i am sure this file is located on this folder.

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hernst42Connect With a Mentor Commented:
yes zend core is also able to run with an existing apache, but i reccommedn deinstalling any other php on the server
The problem might be that the webserver user can not load the oracle-libs (missing rights to enter oracle-directory and reading files) Make sure the
IUSER_<machinename> hat therights to access and read the oracle-directories
zahidrahimAuthor Commented:
could not understand,
                              By the way i am on my local machine with windows2000 and administrator login. now what and where should i see this rights thing???
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IIS executes php not as Administrator it runs php as IUSER_machinname and thus all needed componets must be accessable via the IUSER_machinname - User. If you right-click on a fold an select properities there is AFAIk a tab where you can set the Security settings, but I'm no windows expert

zahidrahimAuthor Commented:
can you little further exaplain how to add user and how to give all rights. i have windows2000 IIS and Oracle 9i Client
zahidrahimAuthor Commented:
well now i am not using iis and trying to setup with apache2.0.59 with php5.1.4 on my same win2000 machine
but restarting apache

The procedure entrypoint OCILobRead2 could not be located in dynamic link library OCI.dll
PHP STartup: unableto load dynamic link library c:\php5\php_oci8.dll The specified procedure could not be found.

can you help me with these settings or tell me any way i can setup here or if u can help me in Red Hat Linux i can switch there as well........

But please help me out this issue :(
If you don't need the oracle Database on your local PC, you can try to go with ZendCore for Oracle. I use the ZendCore for Oracle on linux which works very well.

Install the basesystem of the linux distribution (without apache, php), download and install ZendCore and you have a running system with php and oracle (database on another host)

There is also a version for windows:
you might try this version before you plan to switch to linux. In this case all permission and dll-problems should have gone. You are also able to get full support from Zend for this products.
zahidrahimAuthor Commented:
should i install zend core for oracle on windows or zend core for windows on windows

using  Zend Core for Oracle v.1 Windows x86 after the intall bar complete the installation disappears and dont give me a message of restart your computer........

will i be able to start using php_oci8 just after installing zend Core For Oracle

can i have your msn/yahoo or gmail account to quickly solve this issue
zahidrahimAuthor Commented:
Hey, i have installed Zend Core for Oracle on my Red Hat Linux with Apache 2.0.52, PHP4.3.9  and i dont have any oracle client etc installed on my this Linux machine so how should i can connect to oracle and where can i create service to configure as i am testing this code which is outputting nothing except


The Code is:
      $password ="bill";
      print "Connection:".$conn."<br>";

What are the next steps please guide as now i am very close to success i think.........
Zend Core for oracle comes with an oracle client. But it seems that your not using the Zend Core (as told do not install apache and php from the redhat distribution). The Zend core comes at least with php 5.1.4

So what does your script output ?
Add at the biginning of you script
ini_set('display_error', true);

Also I found the problem why your oracle is not working on your windows side. From http://de3.php.net/oci8
You will need the Oracle client libraries to use this extension. Windows users will need libraries with version at least 10 to use the php_oci8.dll.

zahidrahimAuthor Commented:
i dont want to reinstall apache through Zend Core bz my already running apache has oracle financial applications which are very much sensititve for the whole organization. but i dont care about the php upgradation.

so will the zend core distrub my already running apache? can i use my existing apache with Zend Core safely?
A Quote:

Windows users will need libraries with version at least 10 to use the php_oci8.dll.
sorry herns42, didn't see your reply till now.
Guess my last post http:#18018560 was the final solution
I will leave the following recommendation for this question in the Cleanup topic area:
   Accept: hernst42 {http:#18018560}

Any objections should be posted here in the next 4 days. After that time, the question will be closed.

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zahidrahimAuthor Commented:
hello again,
               Everything is working fine on win2K, IIS, Zend Core for Oracle. i have few ASP based applications which stop working after zend core for oracle installation. can you please tell me what i can do to run my asp application on the same server where i am running my php applications communicating with oracle.

When i try to execute asp page in browser that save or open dialogue get appeared.

Any help plzzzzzzzzzz
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