help fix keywords.

i have this meta tag in my page but ive been told it isnt very good.  basically the site belongs to a makeup artist based in central Scotland (Stirling, Edinburgh,Glasgow) but also covers other areas around scotland.

my SEO knowledge of selecting the correct keywords is poor as you will probably notice so can somebody help me out please.  

i do know that the keywords must support page content and versa visa.

some of these keywords below are dynamically generated and added the keywords meta tag on page load...

<meta name="keywords" content="makeup artist Stirling,makeup artist Dundee,makeup artist Glasgow,makeup artist Edinburgh,makeup artist Scotland,makeup artist, make-up artist, makeup artists, make-up artists, makeup, make-up,bridal make-up,fashion makeup,make-up photographic,tv makeup artist,film makeup artist,special effects makeup artist,cosmetics, skin care,skin care professionals,Glasgow wedding services, Stirling wedding services,Edinburgh wedding services,bridal beauty services, wedding makeup, bridal hair styles, Bridal Makeup Artist, Wedding Day, artist, artists,  professional makeup artist, professional make-up artist, professional makeup artists, professional make-up artists, television, TV, TV makeup artist, film, films, movie, movies, movie makeup artist, movie makeup artists, movie make-up artist, movie make-up artists, film makeup artist, film makeup artists, film make-up artist,film,make-upartists,commercials,print,advertising,magazine,magazines,effects, special effects, stage, theater, theatre, fashion, fashion makeup, beauty,photography, photo shoot, catalog, catalogs, Film Makeup Artist,make-up artist, makeup,bodypaint,body paint,special effects makeup,special effects,special Fx,makeup services,hairstyling,hair styling,hair styles,styledirector,fashion,print,modeling,cinema,stage makeup,celebrities,Lisa Finlay," />
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humeniukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"ok however i wish to hear what other online marketing experts have to say..."

You should remove the keywords meta tag altogether.  It simply isn't a ranking factor for any of the relevant search engines ... unless you load it with spam, such as in this case, and then it will harm your rankings rather than help them.  For more info, see

Just to be very clear on this - there is NOTHING you can put in a keywords meta tag that will help your rankings, but you can hurt your rankings.  The only possible use for the tag is to remind you what keywords your are optimizing that page for.  And since it is very difficult to properly optimize a page for more than 2-3 keywords or key phrases, that's all you should ever have in there.

What you need is a good overview of SEO fundamentals.  You can find it here  It includes an excellent section on researching and selecting the proper keywords -
Mark StegglesWeb DeveloperCommented:
Greetings ellandrd,

All your keywords should appear on the page. If they dont, they shouldnt be in your meta keywords, as you can be penalised.  

ellandrdAuthor Commented:
ok fair point to make.

i have also been told my keywords are redundant - take for example, the word "makeup artist"  appears 19 times....

what do you think?
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Mark StegglesConnect With a Mentor Web DeveloperCommented:
NO single word should appear more than twice.
If so, it is considered spam. Google purportedly no longer values this tag, but others do.
ellandrdAuthor Commented:
so basically what your saying is i should remove doubles above and only have each word appear once?

but see if a user types in "makeup artist glasgow"  and i have :

makeup,artist,glasgow, ....  do you think i'd get listed?
Mark StegglesWeb DeveloperCommented:
No, I didn't say that. I have read recommendations ranging from "dont repeat keywords more than twice" to "repeat the keyword up to 7 times". It's all speculation.... no one knows the algorithms of the engines. I would say that the keywords meta tag is of little value these days as it has been used and badly abused.

Concentrate on the content of the site to get a decent ranking.
ellandrdAuthor Commented:
ok however i wish to hear what other online marketing experts have to say...

thanks steggs...

p.s can you follow up on my other thread you starting commenting in:
weikelbobConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My guess is that you need to learn the basics of seo in humeniuk's link:

"my SEO knowledge of selecting the correct keywords is poor as you will probably notice so can somebody help me out please."

Keyword Research is first. Humeniuk has already given you a good link, I want to add a couple things to the link:

I like to start with Google Sets .  That along with the 2 keyword suggestions tools given in  including, possibly, Wordracker makes for a good start. You can keep typing in combinations of your keywords into Google Sets in order to come up with a long list of options. Then you can use the 3 keyword suggestion toolss - digitalpoint, adwords, and wordtracker to find which terms in your list are too competitive and which of the terms might work. When you've found a list of possible keywords, you can do the following to find out their competitiveness:

Type the keyword into Google.
Notice the number of results first - If there's a billion, you're probably in the wrong place.

Here's an example
Let's say we're talking about "makeup artist Stirling". A quick toss into digitalpoint's tool gives us zero hits per day. Let's look at a more popular keyword - fashion makeup - tossing it into digitalpoint gives us 14 or 30 hits a day, depending on which tool we use. We say to ourselves, "That might work", we just need to know how competitive the term is.

So we type in fashion makeup into Google. There's  2.5 million results. The first listing in the SERPs has the following web address:

So we go to Yahoo (not Google) and we type in


There's more info on this trick here:

This will tell us how many backlinks the first listing has. The result - 1 - 10 of about 278 from 

means that there are about 278 backlinks. With a lot of work, this is possible to beat. However, this one factor doesn't mean everything. You have to optimize the rest of your page correctly as well.

You can also analyze the 2nd, 3rd or 10th listing in the SERPs as well as listings in Yahoo or MSN.


Each page is optimized separately. Your home page should be optimize for 1-3 keywords and these will be different than keywords for a different page on your site.
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